Look of the week: Denim everything, please!


After a long week of rain, all I’ve been thinking about is how we finally get beach weather this weekend


Yesterday, I was so inspired by how nice the weather was that I re-organized my entire closet with summer clothes

It took me over four hours, and 3 bags of clothes I never use. Which is now donated.

I feel like my room lost 100 pounds LOL!

I’m also moving in a few months, so I like to slowly get myself ready. You know, so I don’t drive myself insane.

BUT that’s a story for another day

As I was going through my summer clothes..I found this denim gem and needed to share!

Denim anything is worth sharing, specially when it comes with a choker and is perfect for a beach party 😉

This denim gem can be found HERE.

Of course, prior to these double d’s, they would’ve looked more “descent”

So pick your crop tops wisely or show off what you got.

Whatever makes you comfortable!

This is something I’d feel comfortable wearing to a pool or beach party at night

It definitely fits the role

You can also pair it with a white flowy skirt, too

IMMEDIATE HIT, no doubt.

Lately, I’ve been really adventurous with my style

I want to try different things and see what works and what doesn’t work for my new body

It can be a stressful process or a pleasing process

It’s all in how you look at it

I get girls everyday checking my posts from my surgery

So this one is for you, ladies!

Don’t be afraid to explore your new style.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s look!

Again, find this crop top HERE.

Also, check out this cute bodysuit HERE. Another major obsession of mine.

Have a great weekend babes!