Jord Watch


Hand-crafted, wood timepieces.

Jord focuses on creating watches not only for people who have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.

They have a variety of brains (artists, designers, marketers) behind the scenes to design JUST the right timepiece

They focus on modern styles and value sustainability, efficiency and experiential living.

What I love about their watches?

You can’t find one like it by walking in to any local store.

They are truly unique, beautiful, wood-watches.

I love how stylish their designs are, too.

You can literally wear it out to a fancy dinner or to a casual get-together

I got Ryan the “Frankie series” called “Dark Sandalwood & Smoke”

It’s pretty sick but just one of their various designs

Check them out HERE, if you’re bored with the usual styles and looking for something that stands out.

Accessorize it any way you want!

I love the bracelets Ryan has here, it’s just the right finishing touch to make it look more modern!

But they are so cool looking, that you don’t need to accessorize at all and it will still be eye-catching.

I’ve always been a watch lover.

And a HUGE believer that every men’s BEST accessory is a good watch

It says so much about what you like and who you are

I always looked for the watch when I was dating


If you’re a guy reading this, and you don’t have a nice watch…

GET ON IT and thank me later!

If you’re a girl reading this and looking for gift ideas for the man of your life…

GET ON IT and thank me later!

Direct link is HERE.