TIME OUT: When was the last time you gave yourself one?

They say Chicago is the windiest city of them all

But after this weekend, I beg to differ.

Can you blame me?

Hey guys!!

I hope you had an amazing Easter (if you celebrate)

I had a nice lunch with the rents

And wore this colorful dress and fun heels

But I’m actually here to talk about taking a “time out”


Last week, I took a break from the gym because my whole routine had gone “Gone Baby Gone

I was very upset and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong

I needed to step out of my routine, so I could look at it from a different perspective

Taking time off sometimes can be the greatest thing you can do


Because it allows you to think clearer

In my case, I discovered some of the reasons why living a healthy lifestyle all of a sudden wasn’t pleasurable for me

It felt like so much work and so much stress

And instead of feeling great about myself for taking care of my health, I was feeling quite the opposite

I was feeling down all the time. I felt like a failure.

And then, finally, after a week off from feeling shitty- something clicked!

I was focusing too much on the wrong things

And I bet you, you can relate to some of it

Here are some of the things I was focusing on:

-Weighing myself everyday after waking up

-Looking for body improvements everyday

-Not giving myself a break, ever

-Overly discussing my fitness goals in my relationship

Gahh.. Ok, I won’t lie. Reading what I just typed is making me depressed.

That’s how terrible all those things were to me.


I know, if you’ve been working out for years and you got this healthy lifestyle down.

You might want to weigh yourself. Because you already look fantastic, so those numbers won’t phase you.

To me, since it’s so new. Those numbers were devastating.

They were affirmation that nothing I was doing was working or at least that’s how I saw it when everyday, nothing would change..

So for now, I’m staying away from the scale and focusing on how I feel, on the positives.

I want to focus on how my energy level is, on lifting heavier. 

And less on looking in the mirror and stepping on a scale.


Looking in the mirror to see “what’s changed” is a horrific way to start your day

Instead, we should love our bodies for what they are right now

Own your body, your look.

Going forward, I will no longer look for changes. But be grateful for the body I do have.


Overly discussing/sharing my goals in my relationship was a mistake

This is obviously my personal experience

But to me, it started out great until it became negative

The message I kept hearing was, “You are not giving it your all, that’s why you’re not seeing results”

And that’s pretty shitty to hear from someone you care about

Sometimes, we need to hear tough love from our partners

But when it’s constant, you start feeling down and even worse, you start feeling let down

This was my mistake for trying to look for affirmation from anyone but me

I should be my biggest cheerleader.

So starting now, I’m my biggest cheerleader.


Some of these are pretty personal but I felt like many of us can relate.

We often times don’t give ourselves enough credit

And look for others to do it for us

We let ourselves down and many times don’t even understand why

It’s important to stop and think about what’s making us unhappy

That’s the only way you can improve your life, and your well-being.

I hope this post was helpful.

Let me know if you ever had an “AH-HA!” moment like the above, and what you’ve uncovered by digging deep =)



Sportswear: East Coast Style

Ok, so before I start. I’d just like to say how frigging happy I am it’s finally nice out in Boston!

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