Give Monday the cold shoulder with me!

Mondays done right are Mondays you can conquer with a smile on your face

A Monday you can give the “cold shoulder” to.

Because a day of the week can’t “tell” you what kind of day to have.

Neither can anyone.

You are in FULL control of your mood and of your day, today and everyday.


And as I am typing this, don’t think for a minute I’m not also lecturing myself

I need this pep talk as much as anyone else.



 Since this Monday was a beautiful one here in Boston..

You might have decided to attack it with that cold-shoulder dress you thought you wouldn’t see again for a while



I mean, you only live once!

Am I, right? 😉

And life is all in the details…


This cold-shoulder maxi dress got just the right amount of details to make you fall deadly in love.

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Nature has always had a place in my heart

It’s my drug

I know I always say it. But is there anything more beautiful and peaceful?

Nature leaves me as breathless as anytime I look up to see the moon

There is something so comforting knowing that there are still so many things science can’t explain

I mean, look in the mirror. You’re one of them.


So if Monday is the day you dread the most

Start something new today, and do something that turns it around

Whether it’s taking a walk to a beautiful lake

Or listening to your favorite podcast before you head out to work.

Make it a point to make the most out of everyday by doing something you love


Life is beautiful

But it’s up to you to see the beauty in everything and everyone.

Happy Monday beauties and Happy Shopping!


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I’m also getting my make-up professionally done and I can’t wait to share more with you ladies!

Wish you could all be there

But I’ll make sure I take lots of pictures to share with you.

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Appearance, Comparison, Self-Talk: Let’s Talk About It

Aw man, this convo is about to get lit before it even gets lit


The title pretty much explains the subject I’m about to discuss

But let me break it down for you

First, let’s talk appearance because appearance will link to everything else.

And don’t you DARE tell me you’ve never compared yourself to anyone else

Because if you didn’t, you’re either lying or an alien

Pick one ;P

(I pick alien!!)

Just kidding….maybe? 😀


We all have compared ourselves to others, don’t be ashamed- it’s totally normal!

But when do we cross the line from normal to unhealthy?

And how do we know when that line has been crossed?

Let’s talk about it, shall we?

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I just finished reading “#GIRLBOSS

(in just 3 days. Because SO BOSS)


#GIRLBOSS is an incredible book. If you are a female- get on it, sista!

Prior to reading #GIRLBOSS, I read “Girl Code” and  “You are a badass

Two bad.ass.books (pun intended)

And I believe they all led me to sharing my thoughts on this post with you ladies

They all have very similar advises to all “girl bosses” out there

One advise that I found needed to be shared is our reaction to other girl bosses successes

Our first reaction should be happy, proud, excited

But instead, it’s jealousy, envy, and sometimes even hatred.

Ex.: “Damn, is that btch really living overseas now with her dreamy European boyfriend?”

You get my point..

(And no, I don’t know a “btch that lives overseas with a dreamy European boyfriend”)


And don’t feel bad if you HAVE felt that way before. Because GIRL, you are NOT alone

After all, we are all humans, right?

Let’s be kind to our souls here.

Unless, you picked alien up top. Then I can’t help you.

But lessbeehonest here..

Now that we are self-aware, we can change how we react towards one another!

Positive vibes lead to a positive life and same goes for negative vibes..

And I’m assuming you want the positive life.


Here’s what I suggest you do next time you see a girl kicking ass


Get genuinely excited for her. Be sure to make it a point to tell her!

And if you look up to her, ask her for advise on how she got there!

(I’ve recently done that with a blogger I admire and I was surprised she even wrote back to me! It was awesome!)

That’s women empowerment & YES, it feels so empowering to support other girl bosses!

And trust me, by doing so, you are sending the Universe a great message, a positive message.

And oh, does the Universe listen.


We all have our time to shine, and we all have our own unique skills to share with the World

And the World is big enough to spread love to ALL OF US, with some leftovers to spare!




I bet you never thought of success that way, did you?

And if so, you go girl!

It’s easy to get caught up on someone else’s life

But remember,

just because she’s got it, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing left for you to get.

Take the positives

And put them into action.

Fight for your own dreams and goals.

And remember,

Nothing happens overnight.

(It’s easy to forget if you’re like me and you WANT everything to happen overnight)

But remember,

You don’t know how many nights of zero sleep “that btch” had to get through- to get to where she is in Europe

And you don’t know how many dating websites she signed up for to meet her dream guy!

You don’t know!!

So the question here is..

Are you willing to put in the hours?

If you’re reading this, I am sure you are!

And if you are,

Welcome to the GIRL BOSS tribe baby! 

Time to kick some BUTT!

P.S. The way we think won’t change overnight, you’ve got to train your mind and thoughts to react differently to those situations we talked about. And you will catch yourself feeling some type of way, but when you do, think back to this post and switch your mindset. Work on a better you! And give back only positive vibes to the Universe. TAKE WHAT’S YOURS! 

Let’s get risky!

Have you ever just felt like being a bad ass biotch?

Someone that gave zero f’s?

Clearly, I am not that person because I can’t write a swear word without feeling weird about it


However, getting risky sometimes is SO GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL!

It EXCITES you and almost gives you this new edge you’ve been craving


Alright, so now promise not to judge

Because RISKS are called risks for a reason

SPECIALLY, when it comes to fashion 😉

So, I’ve been kind of dying to try the “high slit” dress that every Hollywood star has successfully pulled off

Key word: successfully

And so I went ahead and gave the high slit a shot

I mean, what’s the harm if it’s THIS PRICE?

The worst that could happen is I don’t look like Angelina Jolie with it on, right?


And this is what happened…


My face seriously can’t hide anything, EVER!

I don’t want to “trash” on this style because I still love it on others

It MAY just be THIS specific dress, and THIS specific size that didn’t go well with my measurements, my size, my style.

You just never know, sometimes!

Women tend to be so hard on themselves when something that’s “supposed” to look good, doesn’t.

I am so guilty of that, just ask my friends!

But we need to remind ourselves that not everything will look the way it does on the cover of a magazine

We are not photo-shopped, we are REAL. And we should be PROUD of that!



I just felt like I couldn’t walk without showing off WAY TOO MUCH of EVERYTHANG with this on x)

So I was a bit disappointed

SammyDress is however, one of my favorite online stores for dresses, coats, shirts, etc…

So I was really hoping to wear this on my birthday

But that won’t be happening anymore, which is ok!

This is my first not-so-great experience with them.

Plus, the shipping was 3 days or less which is also fantastic!

And again, for THAT price- you can never be that disappointment.


This is supposed to be a club dress

Which my club days are officially over outside of maybe 5 days out of the year

I will say though- If you wear this to the beach over a bathing suit- you can ROCK it

What happens in Vegas or Miami is a lot of times more acceptable than what happens in Boston


So there you have it!

CLICK HERE to check this baby out and find similar/BETTER styles

Or get this baby to sex it up at the beach on your next “bae-cation”

Style is what you make of it.




Looking for affordable trench coats?

Trench Coat season is clearly here!

Mother nature has started to show us that FALL has definitely arrived and it is here to stay


(It was 80 degrees in Boston last week & 40 this weekend- New England weather is so unpredictable)

With that being said, I like to always be prepared

And with this back and forth, “you’re hot and you’re cold” weather. Trench Coats saved the day, every time!

You can wear them on those chilly days but not chilly enough to bust out that winter coat days 😉

Know what I mean?! LOL!

CLICK HERE to check out details on this baby

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this “army green” color as much as the “wine-y” color

I’ve also been obsessed with saving

And so- everything affordable is a go for me.

I mean, can you find a trench coat this cheap anywhere else?

I don’t think so, sista!


This trench coat is one of my faves for many reasons

Numero um- It’s super light, yet protects you from those windy days

Numero dois- It’s symmetrical, so it adds that stylish touch

Numero tres- You can dress it up or down


Trench coats over crop tops by the way = everything.

I can’t get enough.

Specially, if you dress it up with high heel boots

Perfect Fall night look.


This weekend, I was feeling the casual wear..

And strolling around beautiful parks


Nature gets me all re-energized and ready to take on the world.

Best way to distress & re-charge.



Hope you beauties enjoyed this look.

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Have a wonderful week!




My secret to staying motivated at the gym

Let’s talk fitness

I make fitness a huge priority in my life

It’s so important for me to stay healthy and feel good about my body

And I know most of us feel the same way, even if we aren’t aware of it as much as others

Feeling good about ourselves has a lot more to do with action than it does with looks

Let me explain why…

Think back to a time you were most active in your life

 Maybe you didn’t LOOK the way you wanted to yet but you still FELT amazing

Because you were working towards that goal

You were doing something about it

So your body automatically reacted in a positive way

(Positive actions lead to positive things)


Makes sense?

Now, the same way…

Our mind reacts positively OR negatively to how we feel when we look in the mirror

Which is why ressing well before hitting the gym makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD

Let me repeat

Dressing well before hitting the gym makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD


Because if you feel SEXY, you feel CONFIDENT and if you feel CONFIDENT, you are in a CONQUERING mindset

NO ONE can stop you.

You don’t care who’s looking, you don’t look at the time as much, you don’t compare yourself to others

You are in the BEST mindset you could possibly be to DESTROY that GOD DAMN WORKOUT!

And start your journey to get in THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.


Now let’s reverse the story

Tonight, you plan to hit the gym because you are partying it up this weekend

And let’s face it

If you workout today, you won’t feel as guilty about that extra drink 😉

But you throw this old, unflattering t-shirt on that makes you look fat

And those baggy pair of sweats because whatever.

How do you feel right now?

Not great, I’m assuming. And DEFINITELY not motivated to kill a workout


You know the saying, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have

Same goes for the gym!

Dress for the body you want, for the motivation you need to reach that goal!

That’s my secret to staying motivated

And these leggings got me super excited to hit the gym


High waist is my new favorite trend

Don’t you just love it?!

It hides all things unflattering 😉

Plus, the criss cross tie is super adorable


I’ll be sharing this blazer look with you ladies soon, too.

It’s super light, so I LOVE it for Fall in Boston

Plus, it’s symmetrical

My new obsession.


Because I’m a strange cat 😉


I hope this post got you ALL HIPPED UP to go kill a workout

And maybe ready to start your journey to a healthier lifestyle IN STYLE!

Shop this look HERE!

I bet you are blowen away as much as I was when I saw the price.

I don’t like to break my wallet when I shop

And you shouldn’t have to break your wallet to look great, etiher

That’s my motto.


Have a great weekend babes!




Feel Good About Where You Shop

Hey all, so lately I’ve been pretty busy crushing books

Specifically, ones that EMPOWER women, ones that lift spirits and make you want to conquer the World


Those are my types of books

And coincidentally enough (or not, because I believe everything has a reason to happen)

An incredible company called “Shabby Apple” reached out to me about a month ago

They wanted to see if I would take part in collaborating with them

And just like any other collaboration I’ve ever done, first I needed to know their story

Second, I needed to be sure it was something I believed in.

And it couldn’t be more right on ladies (I say “ladies” because this post is for you)

So let me tell you their story, while I show off one of their incredible dresses 😉


Shabby Apple resonated with me as they are a company that is over 90% women owned/operated

Now that is a pretty damn large percentage and something to be super proud of!

Athelia (co-founder) believes that all women are beautiful, powerful and have unique distinctions.

And we can all use our beauty and power to change the world in our own unique ways.

I believe we can, too. 🙂


They design and sell vintage-inspired clothing. 

Which, anyone that’s ever known me for a while have heard me say at least once that I was born in the wrong era

Classy clothing from the past is something I’ve always being in awe of and wish I could wear today

Now I can! A more modern style but it still makes you feel like such a lady.

When I wore this dress, I felt like I was in the series of “Westworld

Is anyone watching HBO’S new show?

I always obsess over their dresses



And that is not all ladies

They also help women WORLDWIDE.

They connect with other organizations around the World to help women with a safe-living environment,

micro-loans, and so forth!

How awesome is that?!


So yes, you get to look beautiful, feel comfortable in your own skin, and proud of your purchase.

And if you fell in love with this company like I have?

You get a CHANCE to win a $50 gift card from them by following these 3 simple steps:

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WINNER will be picked from a website which picks a name randomly, so it’s fair

And will be announced on my BIRTHDAY, November 6th

So I can share my day with you!


Hope you guys are AS excited as I am about this GIVEAWAY!

Now, run over to my instagram & enter for your chance to WIN!



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BAG & WATCH are from Michael Kors

P.S. Thank you Shabby Apple for sending me this beautiful dress! 🙂



Life Of An Immigrant: Step in our shoes

Imagine you are back in Middle School

You are going through a VERY awkward stage of your life a.k.a. puberty

Or maybe you “bloomed” early and skipped right through puberty

And your parents actually gave you money to get your hair done and buy nice clothes

Maybe you even had a cell phone

(nothing wrong with that!)

But let’s just think back to those days for a minute..

Because no matter what “stage” you were in..

Everyone was measuring you up

And trying to see if you were “cool” enough in their eyes.


You are now walking to your first class..

Everyone is starring, making comments, whispering..

“Who is that?”

“What is she wearing?”


“Are those PIMPLES in her face?!”

“Let’s cross her right off our list”

NOT cool.

*snap snap*

Fun times, right?

Now, add a different skin color and a BIG.FAT.ACCENT

Like, something that screams “I don’t belong here

You are now an immigrant in a foreign country, going through Middle School

And guess what?!


It wasn’t your decision, but you are stuck in this foreign place where you don’t speak the language

Where your childhood friends are now just a memory, as you don’t know when you’ll see them again

I mean, those friends get you- they get your style, your weirdness, your ways

But now you gotta start over, so SNAP OUT OF IT


(oh and by the way, your name screams “I don’t belong here” and NO ONE knows how to pronounce it)

Someone’s calling your name but you don’t know how to respond in their language

It’s your teacher

She wants you to read this chapter of the history book out loud…so everyone can hear!

So you try your best..

But you never took English classes before coming to the United States

And all you know are these words: Water (insert British accent here), dog, cat, and hello.

Now everyone starts laughing

They are not being TOO loud and obvious but you can hear them

They are kids, they don’t get what you’re going through.

But so are you.

This is only the beginning of lots of humiliations, getting made fun of..

Not to mention, you are also seeing how hurt your parents are

They are also getting humiliated by their peers at work.

And they start to wonder why they even decided to move here.

Is all this even worth it?

They HATE the fact they had to put their kids through this

But they did it for them (for you!)

They want YOU to have a better future

You can’t give up, right?

You must keep it together.


Now, that was a Middle School example.

But that’s something many immigrants deal with everyday

Adults are looked at differently everyday, therefore treated poorly

Judged because they don’t look like they belong

Judged before even being spoken to

Being HUMILIATED at work by their peers because of their accents

And the list goes on.


Still today, October 10th of 2016-

17 years later..

Kids are going through what I went through in school

 Being bullied, talked down on, laughed at because they are “different”

And here we are, having TRUMP as one of the candidates for President, next to Hillary.

Why do we think he’s up there?

Racism still very much exists.

I know that’s only one of the reasons people are supporting him. But you get my point.


Now, answer me this:

When will everyone be treated and looked at the same?

What WORLD are we creating for our current and future generation?

When will enough, finally be enough?


The point of me telling you this story comes from a quote I very much believe in..


We tend to point fingers when it comes to all the terrible things we see and hear about everyday in this World.

But if everyone started with themselves, started changing maybe one thing here and there that could

make THEM a better person. The World would ultimately start being a better place.



“If you change yourself you will change your world. If you change how you think then you will change how you feel and what actions you take. And so the world around you will change. Not only because you are now viewing your environment through new lenses of thoughts and emotions but also because the change within can allow you to take action in ways you wouldn’t have – or maybe even have thought about – while stuck in your old thought patterns.” -Gandhi

I hope this helps you think differently.

It’s never too late to be a better version of ourselves.



Fall Must-Haves!

My Fall Wishlist

brought to you by



Leaf Applique Rhinestone Design Spliced Knitwear

This Leaf Knitwear, please & thank you!!

I’ll take the pencil skirt, too 😉

*heart eyes*


Winter Warm Cold Shoulder Sweater

Cold shoulder, you guys will be seeing a lot cold shoulder sweaters this Fall.


Bell Sleeve Off The Shoulder Knitwear

And don’t think off-shoulder season is over just yet! 😉

How beautiful is this color?! I-can’t-even.


V Neck Tassel High Low Sweater

And of course, tassels are sticking around this Fall,too.

I love me tassels everything.


Stylish Collarless Bat-Wing Sleeve Solid Color Cloak Women’s Cardigan

And last but NOT least, my go-to casual wear.

What’s YOUR favorite Fall wear this year?