Get Fall Inspired: BOOTIES & FUR!

Get “Fall inspired” with this week’s look!


I couldn’t wait to take this FUR VEST out for a spin!


And these booties!


I always feel awkward calling booties, booties…

“Booty booty booty…”


Rocking everywhere


Rocking everywhere..

*booty dance*


I needed to let my 5 year old self come out of the closet today, too 😉


I hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as I did 🙂

I wore this for my dad’s birthday last night.

Shop this look below:

CLICK HERE to shop for VEST

Similar Booties: Burlington Coat Factory

Lipstick by MAC:  Rebel A32 (one of my top fall colors)

How incredible is the price of this vest though?! =O)

One of my fave online stores to shop for anything trendy.

Happy Shopping beauties!


Views: Look Of The Week

It’s Sunday, Sept 18th

I’m sitting at the coolest little coffeehouse called “Liquid Art Coffee House” in Killington, VT

Enjoying a nice Mapple Latte (double, of course)


Meanwhile, my love is doing the Spartan Beast (race)  maybe 10 minutes away from here? 🙂

It’s one of the hardest races in the U.S.

So you can imagine how proud I am and why I’m bragging 😉

He’s a BEAST and the most determined person I know.

(I hope you’re killing it babe!)


Killington, VT is actually a pretty sweet place to visit

Yesterday, we went to this AWESOME restaurant called “JAX”

If you are EVER in the area, Jax is your spot to eat and hang out

Great atmosphere, huge tvs for sports, pool tables, patio, DJ

All you need in one spot.

Below is the view we had from the patio


Ryan had their dynamite sandwich and I had their pulled pork with sweet potato fries

(cheat meal before the race. He needed to carb up)

And I was ALL IN.

Here are some pictures from our little stay adventure before the race:

That’s me attempting to look like I knew what I was doing yesterday



Fun fact:

This face is the same I make when I get into any other activities that I’m trying to concentrate on.



We stayed at this cute little Inn, called Swiss Farm Inn.

 However, I wouldn’t suggest staying there in the summer


Yeah, no a/c.


The views did make up for it though.

I mean, this horse was chilling right next to our Inn


And the mountains were so breathtaking.


Yesterday night, I wore this black off the shoulder slit mini dress (designer)

CLICK HERE for details on this beauty!


This dress is perfect for a wedding, date night or ANY special occasion.

And it’s black, so it looks good on everyone!!!

I love the price for a designer dress.



I can’t wait to come back here again in the winter to go skiing!

Killington, VT is known for their amazing mountains to hike, skii, and so on…

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s look!

Get this beautiful dress HERE..



FALL in love: Look of the week

Fall is my favorite season, EVER.

And it’s almost here!


I do have a legit countdown for it

Have you been in Boston for Fall?! It’s seriously breathtaking

I also LOVE the weather (not too hot and not too cold)

And Fall fashion is hands down THE GREATEST.

You can show a little skin, but also leave a little to the imagination 😉

And I’d say this dress does JUST that!

I was IN LOVE the moment I set eyes on it

You seriously won’t believe how much it costs

I know I say it all the time but that’s because IT’S TRUE!


*happy dance*

CLICK HERE to check this baby out & turn heads


The back is pretty freaking fantastic

I mean, “look back at it” 😉


*windy days will become your favorite days*

Because…look back at it 😉


Who’s ready for a night out?!

I mean, Thursdays ARE the new Fridays, right?


Let me just pick up my hat from the ground because… windy days.


CLICK HERE for more deatz on this beautiful dress =)

And walk into next weekend looking fabulous!

Have a great weekend beauties!





It will be AMAZING

Although, I won’t be there

I’ll be taking notes on ALL the latest trends to share with you babes

SPEAKING of trends..

Lace has been a HOT trend lately!

Which I don’t know about you but it’s completely fine with me! 😉

2016-09-02 20.12.03

I wore this beauty out to the park, so I just threw in a pair of flats


For Fall, I will be rocking this dress with a pair of brown cowboy boots!

I wish it was chilly now, so I could start rocking that style immediately


The long sleeves on this dress also makes it perfect for Fall wear

CLICK HERE to check it out 🙂

2016-09-02 20.29.23

I added the belt to give it a nice pop, but you don’t necessarily have to.

2016-09-02 20.25.28


So, obviously being the curious cat that I am, I have looked up the meaning of “Chonb.”

Here’s the cool astrological definition:

The acronym CHONB has a life path number 6. Individuals with the life path number six are strong and dependable having the capacity to stand their ground in any circumstance.

P.S. My favorite number is six. The day of my birthday 🙂

*mind blown*

2016-09-02 20.13.30


This dress pretty much does all the talking.

2016-09-02 20.17.40


CLICK HERE to check out the amazing price this dress is now under

And look beautiful & stylish this Fall 🙂



“I walk down the street with the sun on my shoulder…”

Walking down the street with the sun on my shoulder

And this week, I got not ONE but TWO off-the shoulder looks to share with you

So you can walk down the street with the sun on YOUR shoulder, as well 😉

2016-09-04 22.57.20

Because FALL is around the corner..

And two is better than one.

Like two paychecks for example?

Or two yummy drinks this Labor Day weekend?

Speaking of Labor Day shenanigans,

Ry and I checked out this AWESOME brewery with some friends yesterday

It’s called “Night Shift Brewery

They had THE BEST vibe and the cutest dogs

(not the brewery obv, but the people there had the cutest puppies)

You really can’t go wrong when you go anywhere that has cute pups and great beer

At least not in my opinion



I’ve recently found a steal on this two MUST have off-the-shoulder looks.

What do you guys think of this baby blue off-the-shoulder bell sleeve shirt?

CLICK HERE for more deatz!


I wore this off-the-shoulder bell sleeve crop top probably more times than what’s “acceptable” in today’s society

But I don’t care because I feel beautiful in it.


And “there ain’t no award for that…trophies”

(Drake song)



But GAH..

The price is unbeatable, I can’t get over it.


Love it?! Click here to get this look!

Now, on to look “numero dois!”

Because tassels & colorful things?

CLICK HERE to get a similar look before they sell out again!


I LOVE how flattering this dress looks

You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with sneakers like I did.


It’s such an effortless look to pull off.

Not to mention, fun and trendy.

You could also add in a choker to complete this look

But I was feeling the casual look…


Which style is your favorite?

 The tassel trim off the shoulder dress ?

2016-09-04 22.47.55


The off-shoulder bell sleeve crop top?

 2016-09-04 22.57.03

Hope you ladies enjoyed this week’s look!

Have a fabulous week 🙂



The dirtier, the better: Hair Goals


Today, I want to share my dirty little secret with you

But promise not to judge until you try?

Alright, so!

Achieving “hair goals” is a lot of girls dream 

We all want the “long hair don’t care” look

Because, we care 😉

My girlfriends are all amazed at how fast my hair has grown

Some of them were convinced I had extensions on!

Which is crazy, because if I did I would tell them

(they should know by now I’m not the type to hide beauty secrets, hence my blog)

I won’t lie to you..

I’ve had extensions before

(clip-ins, braids)

You name it, I had it

As a matter of fact, I have about 3 different color extensions in my room right now

I have nothing against them, in fact, when my hair was short they were my everything

But I’ve learned to be patient and grow my hair out..

I notice when I leave my hair alone

(i.e. don’t dye it, straighten, curl it all.the.time- it thanks me)

And it will thank YOU, too!

In marvelous ways, I promise.

I used to wash my hair every other day

And because my hair isn’t naturally straight

I’d go through the process of blow-drying, straightening or curling it

It DESTROYED my hair.

The secret to long, healthy hair is “dirty hair

That’s right!


Dry shampoo HAS to be your best friend for a while

(You can find dry shampoo in any local pharmacy. Pantene is my favorite)

If you never used dry shampoo before, it’s basically powder that you apply to your hair roots

Not only does it make your hair smell AMAZING

But it also makes it less oily and shinier.

You MUST try it.

Talking about “trying”

Try cutting the amount of times you wash your hair by half

YES!.. by half

I, now, wash my hair once a week (twice the most)

Everything else is dry shampoo, oils, and towards the VERY END.. I’ll curl it for an extra day without washing

I know, it sounds nasty

But honestly, it isn’t at all

Your natural hair oils start to come back

You feel your hair getting thicker, healthier

And with all those positives, your hair will naturally grow faster


There is seriously no huge secret!

And it truly works.

I hope this was helpful to you ladies!

Happy Thursday!