Taking Over Boston with Nick Cosky!


Excuse me while I walk the old streets of Boston

Specifically, the old scary alleys..



I’m not currently in the best shape but Nick made me feel extremely comfortable today.


These shoes may look cute, but looks can be deceiving..

They are the devil.



“Nick, let’s take a picture on this bench”

I couldn’t walk any longer.

But on a different note, tried Starbucks new drink, and it’s TO DIE FOR!

(if you’re obsessed with coconut & strawberries like I am).


All and all, awesome time today!

Nick is a great photographer to work with

I’d recommend him to anyone!

CLICK HERE to check out his work!

Look of the Week: Do you go with the flow?

I love “going with the flow”

Specially if “going with the flow” means wearing a flowy sheer floral dress

and enjoying a nice evening at the park. 😉


This park is such a relaxing place to rewind, take walks or go for a nice run

I’ve always been “one with nature”

I love taking a step back from my busy life and going somewhere relaxing to “re-charge my batteries” 🙂

I find it hard to stay sane without taking the time to do so.

Don’t you guys agree?!



This beautiful dress was found HERE.

 Above is the site, and here’s the DIRECT LINK for more details on the dress.


This dress is perfect for a fall/summer wedding

Or for a fancy brunch date with your girls 😉

You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with a pair of cute flats.


What I love the most about these new finds are the prices =O)

Check out how much this dress costs HERE.

It’s AMAZING how much money you can save by doing some research

OR by checking my blog on a weekly basis 😉 hehe

Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s look!

CLICK HERE for site link

CLICK HERE for flower print sheer dress