Fun day shooting at Castle Island


Hey there babes!!

I’m back with another awesome photoshoot sesh that I did with the one & only Nick!

CLICK HERE to check out his website & some of his work!

We went to Castle Island in Southie…

And this is my Southie “don’t mess with me” look



Or maybe not..haha!

I don’t think I can have a “mean look” if I tried =\

(Although…Ryan may differ) =X


How about this cute “meet me at the bar” shirt, though!!

I love wearing cute stuff to a workout

I find that I stay longer when I feel good about my style

Is that weird? haha


I’m trying NOT to use the gloves all the time

But it does help with lifting heavy weights..

And by “heavy,” I mean 15 pounds (maybe!)


One day I’ll lift heavy like a superstar

Don’t believe me, just watch *insert embarrassing dance moves here*


All jokes aside

We all gotta start somewhere

And seeing the slightest improvement helps to keep us motivated

Don’t you think!?


It’s always important to celebrate the small wins, just as much as the big wins 😉

Winning is winning- after all




Hope you guys enjoyed the photos!

I couldn’t post all on here for some reason- so I’ll share others on my IG 🙂

Happy Monday!!!

Stay Beautiful!


New chapter: How to find your true passion

Staying motivated is easier said than done

A lot of us always hear the secret to success is to “stay motivated, not give up, and keep positive”

But we are human beings

And it’s important to remind ourselves of that.

 Feelings come in all shapes and sizes.. and we are allowed to feel them all.


We are allowed.


However, challenges and obstacles attract a lot of negative feelings

And those feelings sometimes will get in the way of us staying positive, motivated  and driven.


Because today was the day my team took me out to celebrate my new role/chapter of my career

I wanted to share with you guys what has kept me in “check”

What has kept me motivated

Why I didn’t give up & remained positive.




What is more important than a SOLID support system?


A good support system will keep you grounded

In times you want to give up, it’s important to have someone to vent to

We all need that. And it’s okay to ask for help.




It’s important in difficult times to remind ourselves why we still need to continue fighting

Maybe it’s because you have bills that need to be paid

Maybe it’s because you are so close to reaching your goals

KNOW your reason for doing what you are doing

And remind yourself EVERYDAY.

What’s your “why?”

knowledge is power




What’s helped me stay motivated is reading

I have read some INCREDIBLE books throughout my career

When I felt that I could do better, I asked and researched many books to keep my passion alive

My favorite book so far on how to be a great manager is called “Monday Morning Mentoring

This book changed my life


Before I came across it, I was in a place of very little faith in my career

I had met only people who wanted to step on me

People that wanted my position and tried with all their power to make me quit

It was very HARD to remind myself of “the why” everyday..

But once I read this book, I found my reasons again.

And today, after hearing all the positive feedback from my team..

I can say I’m closing this career path of management with zero regrets

I have learned so much about who I am through managing others

I learned to fight for what I believe in

I’ve learned to encourage others to be the best version of themselves everyday

And I truly couldn’t be happier

It gives me great pleasure knowing  I was able to make a difference in someone’s life.


Lastly, I want to end this post with the above quote.

It’s when you put other people’s needs aside

And focus on yourself -that you find your true passion.

Focus less on what others want

And more on what makes YOU happy.

Get away from the noise every now & then..

Find a quiet place

And be alone with your thoughts.

That’s when you will hear the voice within.




Look of the week: Wear stripes of every stripe

There is something about stripes that is just so french to me

And anything that reminds me of France, reminds me of Paris

And Paris anything reminds me of high fashion

Therefore, stripes are fashionable.

That’s my explanation for my stripe obsession 😉



Now-if only I was taking this picture in Paris…


a sunflower will do just fine, for now 🙂


I don’t know about you ladies, but my biggest headache when getting ready is finding a shirt to wear

I never seem to have a cute shirt, ever!!!

Am I the only one?!!

I have such a hard time finding shirts I like

But this shirt got my attention

It’s so simple but so elegant, and so stylish.

It goes with leggings, jeans, skirts, shorts..



I’m turning into a casual “date nighter” with all these cute casual clothes lately..

Here’s a close-up for you guys.

CLICK HERE to check out this beauty


I love how it’s fitted.

It gives it a casual/sexy/elegant look.

Stripes all day

I did mention I’m obsessed, right?


Hope you guys enjoyed this look!


More coming soon!

CLICK HERE to get this look.

Let me know what you guys think by commenting below! 🙂

& happy almost-friyay!!



Brunches of Boston Pool Party Event: Look of the week!

Who’s a brunch lover?!?!

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and combining it with lunch..

(mind blown)


Whoever came up with the term “brunch” is a genius

(deep down I wish I thought of it first) LOL


I’m not sure if you ever heard of “Brunches of Boston”

BUT, it’s basically a cool, versatile way to brunch every weekend..

 Example: Fit Brunch (you exercise, then brunch with your girls/guys),

or Beauty Brunch *which is tomorrow* -where you get your hair done, wax and brunch.

It’s super fun and helps to change up your experience.

Makes sense?

So below is where today’s event was held

It was at Revere’s Rooftop Hotel

(a must-go place in the summer, for obvious reasons)


The event started at the other side but we then made our way back here..

If you want to check this place out, go very early because you won’t be able to find chairs

Packed is not even the word to describe this rooftop (24/7)


It was so fun catching up with these inseparable sisters and great friends of mine..

Life changes as you get older and with everyone’s busy schedule, every little moment is much appreciated.

I’m very grateful to still have friends that make time for our friendship (that speaks volumes to me)


So *cheers* to FRIENDSHIP!

And cheers to this awesome site where I got this cute outfit from?


CLICK HERE to check out this look!

Can you believe your lunch today probably cost more than this outfit?

Talk about mind-blown.


I really like how different this look is..

I didn’t run into anyone that had a slight similar style.


I wore it with this ADORABLE fringe bag.

CLICK HERE if you want to check it out.

The picture does not do it justice, so definitely check out the website.


But back to brunch talk..

How about this “make your own bloody mary” bar?


And this piece of heaven dessert?

I was tempted to eat them all  =x


And you get a SWAG bag?? =O)

Thank you so much to Brunches of Boston for having me today!

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s event.

What an AWESOME experience.

CLICK HERE to check out their website for upcoming events this summer.

CLICK HERE to get this look

CLICK HERE to get the fringe bag

Happy Brunching + Shopping babes!

Hope your weekend is going fabulous 🙂



Are you for real?

Let me start by saying, being a woman isn’t easy

Not to say being a guy isn’t either (but I can’t speak for a guy- for obvious reasons)


Women are held to such high standards, not counting the standards we have for ourselves

(which are EXTREMELY high)

In today’s “social media generation”, we are no longer even looking at reality

We look at filters, photo-shop, and many other apps that make people look “different” than they are

And we think to ourselves, WHAT THE F?!

“Why is my skin not like a baby’s butt?”

“Why does my butt not look like Kim K’s?

“Why are my lips not like…?”

“Look, this girl is drinking that skinny tea detox and her stomach is so flat!”


It sounds silly, doesn’t it?

I think we all need to take a step back and realize that we are living in a time where anyone can be whoever they want

(whoever they want ONLINE, that is)

Anyone can fake anything they want on social media

HECK- if I wanted Kim K’s butt, there’s an app for that!

It would take me 2 seconds to do it- and upload it on my instagram page

If you don’t know me, you wouldn’t know!


Don’t get caught up on “FAKE MEDIA”

Believe ONLY what you see with your OWN eyes.

With that being said, I wanted to start a trend

(Or maybe I’ll be the only person posting this- which is also fine)


Because if you want to see change, you must start with yourself.

This is me, without any make-up on

I have flaws just like any other human being

I don’t like every part of my body just like any human being

I struggle to feel comfortable with myself sometimes

But at the end of the day, I love the person that I am

I love my flaws, my imperfections

Because all of those things make me who I am.



I wish more people would be up-front about their lives

Specially, those exposing their lives to social media like I am.

So many people feel the need to live up to them and think that’s how they should look

Women feel pressured enough without any help

How about we promote a sense of POWER to one another?

How about we UP-LIFT one another?

How about we stop COMPETING and start EMPOWERING one another?

Women should empower women.

Not the other way around.

We are all beautiful in our own unique way.

Embrace the YOU that only YOU can offer

And most importantly, before worrying about how you look on the outside

Work on how you are on the INSIDE

Because BEAUTY truly comes from within




Hey babes,

Here are my current TOP 5 picks for my wishlist from Rosewholesale

Use coupon code: “RWWISHLIST to get 6% OFF any total purchases over $50

OR 15% OFF over $100

Pretty sweet deal for the already LOW prices they offer!


Bell sleeves are totally back in style and this off the shoulder stole my heart!

I LOVE the ruffles on it

CLICK HERE to check out this off-the shoulder bell-sleeve shirt!


Raise your hand if you can’t wait for FALL to get here?!


I’m so with you, that it’s hard to believe I’m not next to you right now


I can’t wait and I’ve already got my eyes on cute jackets to rock this Fall

I’m loving this color because it looks SO CHIC and I don’t have it yet 😉

(no brainer)

CLICK HERE to get this look.


I also LOVE this floral off-the-shoulder dress

The maroon color and flower details on it is truly EVERYTHING

Such a must-have!

CLICK HERE to view this beauty


Now, this is on my list as a “risky” look.

I never really tried this style but I’m willing to give it a fair shot

It looks pretty fashion-forward and I love that

What do you guys think?

CLICK HERE to see this look!


AND LAST but NOT least, this amazing  Retro tribal print SKIRT got me like..

*heart eyes*

How GORGEOUS is this skirt? Such a head turner.

CLICK HERE to see more pics!


That’s it for my TOP 5 picks from ROSEWHOLESALE!

Which one is YOUR favorite?!

Hope your week is going FAB and stay tuned for NOT ONE but TWO great events this weekend!




A woman knows a skirt-chaser: Stay Classy

Don’t we all know a skirt-chaser?

Thousands of years before our time, men were the same as they are today

The difference is today everything is SO EASY

You go online, you find a date in a matter of seconds (not necessarily your dream date, but you do) lol!

That fun “chase” is now becoming extremely rare

Women are getting desperate, and settling..

Men are doing the same

Traditions are getting lost

And only a few old-fashioned folks remain.

I may not dress old-fashioned all the time

(probably rarely)


But my mindset remains very traditional

I won’t go on talking about my traditions because we all have our own beliefs

But as far as dating, I think it’s important to value ourselves as women..


Our body is our soul- we should cherish it and treat it with respect

Some men will truly love you like you deserve to be loved

But many just want to “fool around”

Know the difference.

Women are emotional beings

You may THINK you can go around acting like men do

But deep down it’s destroying you

You lose trust, you lose your self-worth, and essentially you stop having the same standards you did before..


Know when to walk away- with grace

Think of yourself as a diamond

Not everyone can afford a diamond but many can afford a synthetic diamond

Which would you like to be known as?


And finally,

know that you deserve happiness.


And that happiness comes from within..

Not from another being.


“The BEST relationship you will EVER have is the one you have with yourself.”


CLICK HERE to get this AMAZEE skirt!

CLICK HERE for the site for other skirts & looks.

You can use it with a similar top like mine or a crop top


And my loafers are from Coach 🙂



Look of the week: Let’s make a toast to the good times

“Let’s make a toast to the bad day

So we appreciate the sun rise”

I love getting life lessons from song lyrics 😉

That’s from Trey Songz

Don’t ask me any other life lessons from this song though


Yesterday, I made a toast to my new job promotion with my friend..

And this was the drink of choice =O

It’s called “Happy End” from Committee

The name is pretty perfect for it.


Committee is a hot spot that you must check out if you are in Boston or live in Boston

It’s always a good time

It’s always full of young professionals, and they have a great patio area outside.


I wish I took more pictures but this coat is to DIE for!

It literally stole the show

I couldn’t wait to wear it and last night was a perfect night to bring this baby out

It had cooled down a lot at night, so I needed something not too heavy and fashionable to wear

I can’t tell you how many girls asked me where I got this coat from in the bathroom


CLICK HERE to find out for yourselves!


Seriously, obsessed with their restroom area, is that weird? LOL!

Anything with wood, and flowers- I’m all in

Future house idea? maybe basement area?


I personally love this coat look..

My personal favorite:

(pencil skirt, crop top, and a cute pair of heels)

What more does a girl need to turn heads?!


I also added the choker in for a bolder look 🙂


OR CLICK HERE to go to their website for different coat looks.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s look!

See you next week for more 🙂



Heat Wave: How to stay cool in Boston this summer

If you live in Boston, you understand the summer struggle is REAL “sticky” right now

I mean, don’t get me wrong..

I LOOOOOOVE summer, probably more than anyone I know


When I can’t be out for more than a minute before humidity turns my hair into an afro & I turn into a sweaty mess?

Well, then it becomes an issue..

Also, I didn’t buy a trillion crop tops to survive this summer without dying of heat..

Because believe it or not, anything longer than a crop top won’t do


(*insert drama queen voice here*)

Thankfully, I found a site that has a VARIETY of cute crop tops for SUPER CHEAP!

So you can buy all colors and styles.. and not die of heat?


By the way, what was I thinking by wearing pants this day?

It’s a no pants party this summer

(I guess I didn’t get the memo)



Ladies, please note this crop top comes with THE CUTEST skirt

The only reason I didn’t wear it for date night (pic above) is because I bought a size too big by accident

BUT, I LOVE the style and material

Check it out and tell me what you think!


What I also like is you can always do what I did..

which is pair them with different outfits for a different look 😉


I always get asked where I got these pants from

And it’s actually a funny story..

They are from ZARA


I got them at a Camila Coelho’s event!

Camila was selling her clothes for charity and I went with one of my fellow bloggers 😉

I love events for a great cause.

AND the fact that MY IDOL is so thoughtful & always thinking of others 🙂

I really hope to one day be able to throw a similar event.

We all have SO MUCH to be thankful for, it’s always nice to give back

-no matter how big or small-

Don’t you agree?


Hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did! 🙂


CLICK HERE for another favorite crop top look from this site

Bahh! I’m in LOVE

Happy Shopping beauties!




National Friendship Day: Lularoe Style

It was National Friendship Day yesterday

So today, I would like to write a post about a friend I admire DEARLY!

This year is a big year for her

She’s always been the one to support and be there for all her friends

So I want to show my support back (my own way?)

She’s the sweetest/kindest person & quite frankly, she deserves the World.

She has shown me what true friendship is about by simply being herself 🙂


And today, I am happy to show her off to you guys!

This year, she started selling clothes from Lularoe.

If you never heard of Lularoe…

Lularoe is a company that empowers all women from all sizes to be anyone they want to be! 🙂

They also offer limited prints, so you are less likely to walk into a party wearing the same outfit as “that girl”

Check out this amazing, fitted dress from them that I’m wearing!

2016-08-05 23.22.56

If you believe in women empowerment and have a hard time finding the “right size” for you

Check her facebook page here!

She will love to hear from you and walk you through the process of choosing the right style for you 🙂

2016-08-05 23.50.27

This pencil skirt is also one of her outfits

Isn’t it so beautiful?!

I wish I had a white or red crop top for it because it would’ve looked even better!

2016-08-05 23.07.33

I’m also obsessed with their comfy shirts.. it’s long, so you can tie it up like I did (just not HOW I did it) haha

Or you can wear it as is!

For a girls night in (movie night) or just simply for a casual look- this shirt is all you need

You can also give it a statement look by throwing in a necklace (like the picture above).

2016-08-05 23.22.51

Hope you ladies enjoyed Lularoe’s looks

Don’t forget to follow my girl and check out other beautiful outfits HERE.

Have a great week babes!

And don’t forget to recognize a friend that’s always been there for you! 🙂