Outfit of the Week: Date Night at Pier6 Boston

“Date night” in a relationship is SO IMPORTANT

At least to me anyway.

So Ry and I have ours at least once a week.


It’s our bonding time where we get to talk about our week and just kind of relax doing what we love.

Spending that one on one time, just the two of you makes all the difference

You have to make the effort to spend time enjoying something together. Whether it’s dinner, movies, traveling, etc…

This week, Ry and I went to Pier6 Boston -right in Charlestown

Here are the type of views of Boston you get by going there..


Basically, THE BEST VIEWS.

And TRUST ME, the picture does NOT do it justice

Aside from views though..

You must be wondering how good their food and drinks are..

So take a look at what we tried last night..


Ry had this DELICIOUS lobster roll with fries.


I enjoyed their linguine with clams and this REFRESHING beverage called “PAIN KILLER

I HIGHLY recommend ALL of you to get this drink


You NEED IT in your LIFE.

*add my dramatic tone of voice here*



Their menu had a lot of great options

Obviously, this is a seafood restaurant- so all you can imagine seafood related.


Yesterday, I wore this BEAUTIFUL shoulder floral maxi dress

CLICK HERE to be blown away by the price

I received this dress in about a week or so

And I was pleasantly surprise by the great quality, and just how nice the style really is!!

I honestly liked this dress better in person than the site..

Which says A LOT! 🙂


The back is so beautiful and flowy


I paired it with a pair of beige heels, and my brown Michael Kors bag.


Like I said before, EVERYONE needs this dress in their closet!

It is WAY too beautiful and fits everyone so nicely, giving you the best shape by the way it hugs your curves.

CLICK HERE to get this dress & see more details!

CLICK HERE to check out the website I got the dress from.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look & PIER6 Boston review.

If you live in Boston, definitely make it out there for date night, lunch or for any reason at all;)

And if you don’t live in Boston but are visiting soon,

add this restaurant to your list of places to go, so you can get that full Boston experience.


That’s all for now loves.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

And let me know what you think of this look and restaurant!

*Cheers* to experiencing new things & looking great without breaking the bank!



Look of the week: Are you a choker girl?

Haha! I couldn’t help myself with that title 😉

But by now, you know I’m full of wise comments!!

For real though..

I’m a choker girl

And this choker I got at AMAZON got me like..

“Where we going tonight?!! Cause I have a choker to wear”



CLICK HERE to get the same choker.


CLICK HERE for a similar crop top look.


BTW- How COOL is this museum?! Cool & scary, actually. haha! I was afraid to walk in.


I did touch the door knob though, so that kind of counts, right? LOL!!!


I also discovered these cool stairs! =O)

It really made me think of how much SOO MANY people have suffered due to being “different.”

LOVE IS LOVE, damn it!

I hope one day we can all see each other as brothers and sisters, no matter our color, religion

or beliefs.

I’ve gone through a lot due to being “different.”

I was bullied in school and talked down on because I looked different or maybe had an accent

It took me many years to feel confident again due to the comments of others..

When are people going to stop being so cruel?

This world is getting scarier and scarier- everyday.

My situation is nothing compared to what is going on today.

But it does make me sad to think of so many people continuing to suffer everyday,

and go through similar things I’ve gone through or worse.

The thought of people committing suicide due to others comments make me sick to my stomach.

I hope one day all this hatred ends & only love remains.


But if you’re reading this & you are going through a lot..

Remember, you are not alone.

And those that hurt others, only do it because they are broken

Ignore their comments, or go talk to someone that can help.

It’s ok to ask for help

We can’t do it all alone

And it’s only by speaking up that we can make a difference.



Shop The Street Event

Have you guys ever heard of “Shop The Street?”

They had their SECOND annual event this year

Their event was at Boylston St. Chestnut Hill from 10-8pm

And they had some AMAZING summer sales, perks and entertainment for EVERYONE!

It was super awesome!

They also displayed Curtis Kulig’s “love me” stickers.

Read below for more on Curtis Kulig.

He’s pretty amazing.



I failed you guys and just snapped the stickers.. but if you follow me on SNAP (Fear_Ordinary),

you saw more of his work- such as the video above =)

It was pretty cool!

Prior to going to Shop The Street- I went to the wrong “Boylston St”

The one in Boston, and took some pretty awesome pictures.


It was 100 degrees in Boston today

The heat wave definitely arrived

And it hit us HARD.

.. But I think we are getting a big thunderstorm tonight.

I’m kind of praying for one (between you & I) haha!


I love our buildings in Boston.

Aren’t they so beautiful?


I also went to Boston Common!

The park was PACKED today!

I wore this skirt from H&M, hat from Italy, shoes from Brasil, top from Love Culture. 🙂


I really digged the look 😉 Hope you guys enjoyed it too.

I think hats take any outfit to the next level, don’t you? 🙂


I call this look casual with a sprinkle of dressy.

Btw- how awesome is this wall?! I was IN LOVE.


Today was full of awesomeness.

I really enjoyed the event and look forward to (hopefully) a THIRD annual event next year??

The sales were awesome and it was nice to try out samples and listen to great music while shopping.

Stay tuned for more events this month!

I love sharing FUN events with you guys!




Look of the week: Disney Princess Inspired


Because, sometimes I just want to feel like a princess?

So call me Belle today..LOL

She seriously is my favorite Disney Princess 🙂


And this beautiful dress can make anyone feel BELLA like Belle 😉

Check out this dress here.

And please make sure you are sitting down because the price will have you pass out..

(from HAPPINESS!) of course 😉


This dress could be a great bridesmaid dress or even a dress to wear to a wedding?


HECK! You could even wear this dress to a fancy date night with your man or soon to be man?

Because obviously after he sees you in this dress–GAME OVER 😉 


And this will be your face after winning him over.



Happy shopping & dating!



Honey Girl Organics

Hayy there, green beauties!!

If you follow my IG

You know my love is real for Honey Girl Organics

I tell all my friends about them!

So I am SO excited to share my experience with you all, as well!

It’s EASILY- my top organic choice *hands down*

Their products are handcrafted in Hawaii

The ladies involved are just fabulous, and so hardworking!

Not to mention, they truly love what they do and it shows!

^ Above is the example of how to be successful. 🙂


So far, I’ve tried their “After Sun Face & Body Lotion

Their After Sun works like NO OTHER.

I used it many times now after spending all day in the sun


and not once did my skin peal or get dry.

It renews your skin cells and keep your skin nice & moisturized.


I also continue to see results by using their “face and eye creme.”

The face and eye creme helps to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, while renewing your skin

cells and giving back its natural glow.

I use it normally before bed, but sometimes in the morning, as well.


Right now, these two are my ALL TIME FAVORITES from Honey Girl Organics.

But click here to check out their website for other AMAZING products.




What to expect when taking your first Barre class…

Barre so hard, my clock broke!


GUYS! I took my FIRST barre class this Sunday at the CUTESTTT spot!!

“Barre & Soul” in Melrose


Amy was the instructor and she made the experience extra great!

She made sure to introduce herself to everyone individually

and she REMEMBERED my name! *insert shocked face here*


Talita is such an unusual name! No one remembers it =(

Don’t get me wrong

It was THE HARDEST class I’ve ever taken

But I am truly considering taking it full time!

It’s a KILLER full body workout

And I fell in LOVE with the “barre community!”

Everyone is so supportive of one another

The atmosphere is amazing

And I love how it helps you work on your body AND soul

hence.. “Barre & Soul” 😉

Amy had a  GREAT quote for us before class began

“In sweet times in life, say thank you and celebrate. In bitter times in life, say thank you and grow.”

I mean, this quote was everything.


I feel like so many people can relate to finding balance in their life

And so many people want to live a healthy or healthier lifestyle.

Barre to me is the balance between the two.

We also went to the cutest shop in Melrose right after class for some wine tasting.


I got this AMAZE wine called “NEW AGE” from Argentina!

So yum guys.. I love fruity wine. It’s sweet, fruity and delicious.




I also found this AWESOME card..

I mean, come on! hahaha

By the way, as I am typing this.. MAJOR bad hair day LOL!!

I went brunette again today, so I am letting my hair air dry.

I’ll take pictures tomorrow at this new event.

I can’t wait to share with you guys!

Check out: BARRE&SOUL here.




How to plan your next surprise party

Hiii lovelies, so about a week ago I posted about surprising Mr. Ryan

for his 30th!! He didn’t really want anything but I am HUGE on birthdays.

Like- I take a week off every year for my bday *HUGE*


I also LOVE planning *insert anything here*

So planning his surprise party was so much fun for me.

Here’s how you can plan a successful surprise party for your boo:


STEP 1: Plan a month ahead!

The older you get, the more difficult it is to get people together.

(Even for birthdays)

So planning ahead will give everyone & yourself time to plan accordingly.

STEP 2: Guest list?

Find out who’s willing to come out to celebrate and if they are willing to travel.

STEP 3: What & Where?

What are you doing and where.

I decided to do something different for Ry. I knew he never celebrated at Foxwoods before.

So I asked all his friends if they were willing to drive there.

And if the specific day I was planning would be doable for everyone.

STEP 4: Make a reservation!

Make a reservation WAY ahead of time.

You don’t want to be stuck on “plan b” due to poor planning.

Refer to Step 1 for reasons why.

STEP 5: Play the role

Step 5 is the most difficult, or at least it is for me.

I suck at lying but I had to play the role until his surprise party.

I was texting and talking to his friends but I couldn’t tell him!

I had to make him believe we were going away alone.

When we arrived at the hotel, I hardly looked at my phone.

Looking at your phone all the time is suspicious.

I did it once and told him I was speaking to one of my girlfriends about “xyz.”

It’s also important to let the door man know ahead of time that it’s a surprise.

You don’t want to go through all that work and have it ruined seconds before.

Play it cool, go with the flow and have fun with it  😉


It was worth all the planning seeing him happy and enjoying time with his friends.

We had an amazing night at Scorpion Bar, Foxwoods.

I made dinner reservations and then we stayed for the night.

A huge UFC fight was playing- so half the crowd was watching it.

And the other half was at the dance floor.

Everyone had an amazing time.


I hope this is helpful for your next surprise party planning;)

Any questions or tips, please share.



Sammy Dress Clothing: Is it worth the purchase?

Have you ever heard of this site called Sammy Dress?

It’s basically a site that offers high fashion clothing for men & women for pennies!

Literally.. pennies!

For example: Last week, I shared a look on my IG that you guys really liked, I think? 😉


Remember this look?

Guess how much THIS DRESS was & currently still is?

$10.00! =O)

If you don’t believe me, here’s the link- again: CLICK HERE

To be honest, originally I thought it was going to be awful material

and very cheap looking. But to my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t! =D

The material is GREAT, super comfortable, it shapes your body beautifully.

And is super fashionable.

I wore it last week for date night.

But you can also wear it for a day date, brunch or even for the nightlife?


The shoes are also from them but to be BRUTALLY honest, they were uncomfortable.

I did contact the company and I believe they are working on bettering their shoe quality.

If I buy any other shoes, I’ll let you know if it has improved 😉

They look super cute but zero support.

Thankfully, they were also very cheap. 

I wanted to give this site a shot to give you guys the peace of mind

of whether to purchase from them or not.

And the answer is a definite YESSS!!

I think with sites like this one, you need to be smart about WHAT to purchase.

But don’t worry- that’s why I’m here 😉

I’ll keep searching for great finds and let you ladies be in the loop about them.



And please share your experience with me, once you receive it!

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience. 🙂

I hope this review was helpful! 

Stay tuned for other purchases from them.

Until then,


And have a wonderful week!


How to Accept REAL happiness?

Let’s talk about what’s real at Fear Ordinary.


Online, we see so much “real” happiness, “real” relationships, “real” moments.

But how real are they really?

A BIG part of the reason many people are depressed today is due to social media.

Social media perceives this image of, what shall I call it? Perfection?

Everyone’s lives online is perfect, right?


Think about the stuff you post.

Are they of you having a mini break down after a long work week?

Are any of them of you arguing with your boyfriend about xyz?

Or of your kids acting up?

I didn’t think so.

The first step to truly feeling 200% comfortable in your own life..

is to stop comparing your life to others.

Back in the day, people compared their lives to their neighbors.

Today, people compare it to a complete stranger on instagram or facebook.

How crazy is that?

It’s hard not to compare your life to others but you must accept that your journey

is different from John Smith’s, so is your destiny and your gift(s).


Learn to LOVE your life by making time to do the things you love

I love to travel (so I make plans to have at least 1 big trip every year)

I love to look great (so I make time to workout and eat healthy)

I love NATURE, so I always try to be outdoors.

The above automatically makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

It also helps to plan your time spent online.

I know of people who can’t enjoy a day with their loved ones without

checking their phones CONSTANTLY

You don’t want to be online all day and night..

Not having a productive day makes you feel down

Not being present is something you will regret

Not to mention, an unproductive day is a day wasted.

Instead, go out there and make your day GREAT

And if life gets in the way, try again!!

Find your motivation

Find your drive

Your life goal

FOCUS on YOUR happiness

Not someone else’s.

Aside from the above, here are some basic things that

has been proven to make most people live a better life:

  1. Sleep
  2. Comfortable Income Stream
  3.  Exercise
  4. Eat Healthy

No shit, right? haha! They are obvious and some I’ve mentioned before.

But it’s good for us to take a moment to remind ourselves.


Hope you had an amazing 4th of July weekend.

Above are some pictures from mine.

This week my focus is my happiness. 

Because we all need a reminder of what’s important. 😉

Hope you enjoy my “Sunday Night Thoughts”

Happy Living! xx