What’s Different at Fear Ordinary?

I started Fear Ordinary, October of 2015. Can you believe it? What a journey it has been! I can only hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have! 🙂


Fear Ordinary came from my own personal fear of living an “ordinary” life. When you hear “fear of living an ordinary life” you may think something slightly different than I do, so let me explain.

 I fear looking back on my death-bed and regretting the things I did not do; such as living a healthier lifestyle for myself and future family, or going for that dream job I always wanted but didn’t think I was ‘good enough’ for. Or fully opening myself up to someone I truly care about and losing them due to some nonexistent fear. The fear most have, “what if?.”

All the above, and more are the reasons I started this blog.

I want to help others to overcome those fears and go for ‘that’ job, ‘that’ guy/girl, live a healthier lifestyle, maintain healthy relationships and live life with NO REGRETS.

I post a lot of my thoughts/experiences/advice on how I’ve been able to do that on “Sunday Night Thoughts.” Which I do actually write on Sundays, but sometimes I’ll post it on Mondays. It depends on how hectic my weekend is.

I also started, as part of living a healthier lifestyle, using all organic products. I call myself an “organic newbie”😉 haha! And I can’t be the only one.

I’ve been sharing reviews of organic products I’ve used on my IG account:FEAR_ORDINARY. And will start sharing them on my blog as of TODAY (for those that choose to not use instagram but still wish to know what is out there for organic products and what companies are reliable to use products from).

As you can tell, since last October to recent, a bit has changed. But my focus stays the same, which is to give you all the tools to live your life to the fullest, with as little regrets as possible.


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Say goodbye to fine lines, stretchmarks and wrinkles

Fine lines, stretchmarks, and wrinkles are probably every girl’s worse nightmare.

We want to prevent them before they happen, but let’s face it, we don’t. So here we are, trying to undo what is done.

Thankfully, LevenRose got our back!

I’ve been using their Apple Seed Oil for a month now and already noticed some amazing results.


What I like about LevenRose’s Apple Seed Oil is the fact it is helpful in more ways than one.

It helps your skin by boosting collagen for fine lines and wrinkles.

It also helps with acne and stretchmarks (must be used daily).

AND, it can help with hair. By using a few drops on your shampoo and conditioner, it can help you achieve the shine and moisture you desire. Best of all, it’s 100% organic, with no parabens, fillers, chemicals, or addictives!!

I’d recommend a younger me (*cough cough* let’s skip the age question) to start using it now, rather than later. Avoid getting those wrinkles, fine lines and keep your hair looking beautiful today. Don’t wait until you have to do a lot of maintenance to keep up with your looks. 😉

Confidence is super important for a woman, and taking care of ourselves is the only way we’ll get to maintain that confidence, as we’ll automatically look and feel better.

Whether you choose to start using this product or another of your liking. Start today.

Treat yourself to more things that the future ‘you’ will thank you for!








Revolve: The Handbag Event

 If you love designer handbags and clothes like I do but refuse to spend thousands on them, this consignment boutique is right up your alley.

Revolve is a consignment boutique located  in 5 different cities, including their newest boutique site right on Newbury Street, Boston. The location couldn’t be more perfect, near all the hot spots for you to enjoy a nice evening with your girlfriends on a nice day/night out.

I was honored to attend their launch party and meet their wonderful/overwhelmingly friendly staff last week. Not to mention the owner, Lisa Castagno who is the sweetest, kindest person you will ever meet. 

Lisa Castagno shared with me her love for designer bags/clothes, and how she opened her first store five years ago. She added the importance of having a close relationship with her clients whom her store manager (Chelsea) will go above and beyond for to get their clients their dream designer shoes/bags/clothes for the best discount possible!!

Chelsea, her manager, said a lot of her clients request specific items to where she keeps an eye out for. And when the item arrives in the store, she takes a picture of it and sends it to the client. I thought that was such a sweet/caring touch that shows they truly care about their customers.



Their bags are from all top designers, including but not limited to: CHANEL, LV, GUCCI. My jaw literally dropped when I saw the prices (ask Nina from http://www.ninalnguyen,com) haha! She was my partner in crime that night.

I had such a great time exploring Revolve with her, and finding out what’s new for our Boston ladies;) We also got to meet another amazing blogger, her name is Aracy. And we’ll soon be going to a brunch event together and share some more exciting news with you.



Above is Lisa Castagno (the owner), and I also added the store event, as well as the cute bar sign with some HUGE discounts which was a sweet touch to the event (if I MUST say so myself) *wink wink*


If you follow me on insta, you have taken a quick peak of my look and outfit details. But if not, this is what I decided to where for the event.


The dress I bought in Italy, Rome. The jacket is from F21. And the shoes are from ClothesEnvy. Click on the links to get the same look;)




Sorry for the bad quality photo. I tried to zoom in for you guys to see more of the shoes details because I am obsessed with them & think everyone needs a pair. haha! 😉


Also, don’t forget to check out REVOLVE or follow them on IG: “RevolveBoutiques” to get some more pictures and ideas of what kind of goodies you can treat yourself with.



Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Stay tuned for more posts and events! I’m also on snapchat now: Fear_ordinary. If you want to follow me live! =D










Boston’s 1st Social Media Influencers Event

Last night I attended Boston’s 1st Social Media Influencers Event  and I wanted to share my experience with you!

The event was at Scholars and hosted by Adventurself. Scholars is a fun American Bistro & Cocktail Lounge right at the heart of Boston. It has a pretty cool atmosphere and is always SUUUPER packed. Surprisingly not so much last night. 🙂




The event was super fun and interacting. I got to meet local bloggers and hear their story and how they got started. They also had these cute cupcakes with social media logos on them. Which I regret not eating! =( haha! (I wish I had taken pics, sorry guys).

The event was from 6-10pm, but I had a friend’s 30th birthday to go to- so I just stopped in quick to say hi, meet everyone and then had to head out. I’m really glad that I did stop in! My suggestion is always make time to stop at events, no matter how busy you are. If you are serious about blogging, you MUST make it priority. And meeting new people is such a great way to grow and pass on knowledge. Not to mention, it’s also very important to give and get support from your fellow bloggers! =)


Above is Libby and I. I was so excited to hear she was going to be attending the event, as well! I also saw a couple of other bloggers that I had met from the last event, click here if you missed it! I share some great tips for attending your first blogger event.

It was super nice to catch up with her, and discuss some deep subjects about life, love and so on.


Sorry for the bad quality image. But this is the outfit I wore, it’s a dress that I bought at Forever 21 many years ago. But if you like this style, I found an even better dresshere. And super cheap!


Surprisingly, the best quality picture I took was the bathroom selfie haha! I had to 😉

And as for my friend’s birthday, it was a great time. I am glad I was able to make it and be there for her. She looked absolutely stunning and enjoyed everyone’s company. Happy 30th again, Sara! Love you!

That’s all for Sunday Night Thoughts this week!

Hope you all have an AMAZING week, full of love, laughs, and great accomplishments! 





Outfit of the Day: Trending Trench

There is nothing sexier than a beige trench coat on an elegant woman. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s just sexy and chic.

In Boston, we’ve had a pretty strange spring season so far. One week it’s raining, the next it’s sunny. One day it’s freezing, the next it’s extremely hot out. But if you lived in New England long enough, you are not surprised. We call it “New England weather,” if you don’t like it- wait a minute. haha!

Due to this “crazy” weather, I rather wear something more settle. A coat that is not too hot but that I also won’t freeze in. Trench coats are always trending and always stylish, it’s my go to when I want to make a statement. And it’s perfect to wear in the Spring, or Fall.

I love the messy bun with a trench coat. It says I look good but I didn’t try too hard 😉



These shoes are from Nine West, I’ve had them for years. I think it’s time for a new pair haha! But they are so great to wear to work! Super comfy and stylish.


The shades are from my last post. They are from “BEYANDALL” and they are called “Whatever It Takes”

They are everything. If you like marble, you will love them even more. So unique! I can’t get over it,



If you love this Trench Coat, click here for a similar look.

I bought mine in Italy this year. And I constantly get compliments on it. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed today’s outfit.

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Hope you’re having an AMAZING week! Keep smiling!



Fifty Shades Of Surprises

Ever have a day that was just full of surprises? Today was that kind of day for me. But it started with a not-so-great-surprise. And then with some customers yelling at me for part of the morning, which is part of the job. But today, well, today it was harder to take.

Sometimes, the world just doesn’t seem to agree with you and your decisions. But instead of looking at the glass half empty, I decided to look at it half full.

I can’t sweat the small stuff. I know what I am capable of and I work hard everyday to reach my goals. And at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Because no one cares about my goals and dreams more than I do. And same goes for you.

It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes.

Your mental and physical health are both important and need to be worked on a daily basis. Life is always throwing curve balls at us, and if we can’t handle the curve balls. Then life is going to be much harder than it needs to.

Here’s what I do when I start to think negative thoughts:

  1.      I stop and think about how I’m feeling. I acknowledge my feelings but refuse to keep thinking that way (I change my mindset)
  2.      I start to think of the upside of the bad news. With bad news, there’s always a positive. Try to think of what it is, whether it’s something you’ve learned from it. Or something you don’t have to deal with anymore, etc…
  3.      I remember that I ALWAYS have a choice.
  4.      I choose to not waste my day with negativity, I choose happiness. And then I focus on my goal of the day (whatever it may be).

Mindset is everything. Always make sure you are aware of your feelings because that is how you can change them. I said it on my last post, and I’ll say it again. You are ALWAYS in full control of your FEELINGS, DAY, and LIFE.

Now, I did say FIFTY shades of surprises. The other surprise was a good one! I got my amazing “BEYANDALL” sunglasses!! They are to DIE for, so I wanted to share- if you haven’t already seen on my insta “fear_ordinary.”


How cute is that package though?! I love pink and white.


It’s called “Whatever It Takes”

I thought it was fitting for the subject above  🙂

Do whatever it takes to be happy, fight for a positive mindset. And your life will be better lived.

That’s all for now babes!



Find Out Why You’re Doing Groceries Wrong

Ever heard of the saying, “Abs are made in the kitchen?,” I love and hate that saying.

I love it because it’s so raw to it’s point and I hate it because it’s so damn hard to do. You know? Major struggle to eat healthy all day, everyday. Shout out to all the instagram models LOL! (for real though!)

I’ve tried many things, and looked up many websites to find the “secret” to staying on track. But the secret is simple: Eating Healthy Starts In The Supermarket! 

Yes! You’ve heard it here first!! It starts when you do your grocery shopping. And from the moment you step foot in that supermarket- you are in FULL control of how your week is about to go.

Have you ever looked around to see what people are buying for the week or month at the supermarket? :O) Please start to if you haven’t already. It’s terrifying. 12 packs of sodas, tons of bread, ice cream, cereals filled with sugar, processed foods on processed foods, etc…

Yuck. You get where I’m getting at! =|

Can we all agree that we want to max out our years of life? I know I do! But it can’t be real that 95% of the people shopping at the supermarket don’t see it. I just can’t wrap my head around that thought.

Anyway, once I moved out of my parents house a couple of years ago is when I started to have full control of the food I eat. I realized that knowing my obsession with “xyz” (example: bread). If I had bread in my possession, I would eat it all in a week or less- every week. So why not spare myself the temptation, and not have it around?

Sounds simple? That’s because it is! All you got to do is NOT buy unhealthy food.

With all that said- I decided to be “the girl taking pics of her groceries in the supermarket” this Sunday to give you guys some ideas of what to buy when you do your own shopping! 😉


  Yasss honeyy.. The lady behind me definitely wanted to ask me why. But she didn’t. LMAO!  healthygroceries

Let’s start with PROTEIN! My favorite.

Ryan makes fun of me for buying those packages of fish. But honestly, it’s the greatest thing ever for meal prepping. You have about 6 individual packages inside and all you have to do is season them!

I usually buy different types of fish every week. And this week I also bought chicken, as you can see below.

But I switch it up, so I don’t get sick of the same old. =)


And of course, when talking protein- we can’t forget the eggs. I have 3 eggs every morning, so I need lots of eggs every week.

 I also have a “Kashi” Organic Promise cereal (healthiest cereal you can have & great source of carbs).


I’m also slightly obsessed with Greek Yogurt (0%). I have it as a snack with chia seeds, banana, and granola.

If you follow me on insta, I must have posted a trillion pics of it by now haha! 


Milk! Guys- the Silk Soymilk below is EVERYTHING. I have it with my cereal every morning, it is DELICIOUSSSSS. I can’t emphasize it enough, I really can’t. I kind of want to have it right now. haha!

The 2% I normally get they didn’t have, so I bought the one below. I’ll have 2% with my protein shakes. Milk with 0% does absolutely nothing for you. Which is why I stir away from it.


Protein bars are honestly not my favorite thing in the world to consume. Buuut, sometimes if I need to hit my macros- a protein bar is an easy snack to have.

For instance, for breakfast if you’re running late. Pick a bar and go. Boom!

The one below is so far my favorite. I want to say I tried it all but that would be me exaggerating lol! I did try tons though and I should add I can be very picky with my bars. I like them not too sweet but sweet’ish..(I just made up a new word but you understand where I’m going here) 😉


Ok. So aside from being picky with bars, I HAAAAAAAAATE water. I know it has no taste, so I guess I hate the taste of no taste? But seriously, I really do. I have hated it all my life. Until I found propel. First, I used to buy the bottles but they got too pricey- so I buy the flavors and add it to my water. I bring 3 bottles of water to work everyday. And my mission is to finish it before I get home. It works for me =) Propel has every flavor but as you can see, kiwi strawberry is my favorite. Not sick of it yet. =)


Greenssss.. Must have! Olivia’s Organics all day. Soo soo good! This is also perfect for making green juice! Spinach & Kale is the perfect combo.


Sweet potatoes! They are A MUST HAVE in my book. People say it doesn’t matter if they are sweet or not. Well, for those people all I can say is I’m not taking chances and I love my sweet thangs.I usually cook them in the oven, fries shaped. I season it many different ways every week.

Add me on snap: “Fear_Ordinary” I usually share my prepping every week.


I love this pasta more than life. Ryan’s mom found this gem. It takes 10-15 minutes to prepare and it has 9g of protein and 48g of carbs. This is not to have everyday, obv. But if your macros fit, this baby is a 10.


This week I started buying this Starbucks unsweetened to save money on coffee. It’s less than $7 and will last me more than a week. Hollerrrrrrrrr! Energy booster, come to mama! =)


Lastly, I did want to point out the mixed veggies next to the bananas. Those are so yummy and it takes less than 10 minutes in the microwave. Easy way to get your veggies in and tastes AMAZE.



Soooooooo.. what did you guys think!!!? I hope I inspired you to start a healthy lifestyle. And to stir away from all the bad aisles in the supermarket. Start your healthy lifestyle when you step foot in the market and you will see how much progress you will have and how much healthier you will eat!

That’s all for now babes! 






My First Blogger Event And What I’ve Learned

Yesterday, I went to my first blogger event- “Blog Talk Boylston,” hosted by the lovely  Libby (http://www.lifewithlibby.com) and  (http://www.thenextgentleman.com). They both did an amazing job hosting the event. It was full of life and fun activities that helped us all network and get to know each other better.

Libby & I at Blog Talk Boylston 🙂


     Here are some things to expect when going to a blogger event for the first time:

  •      Meet people with the same interests & goals as you or very similar
  •      New tips and ideas from your fellow bloggers
  •      New support system
  •      Exchange social media accounts to add one another to
  •      Many new contacts 🙂
  •      Swag bags (most, not all events)
  •      Great atmosphere with many bloggers to chat with
  •      Great place to network


It’s normal to feel a bit nervous at first because you don’t really know what you’re walking yourself into. But it’s honestly a fear worth conquering, as you will feel a lot more comfortable going to your next event and have an absolute blast. It’s also a great place to practice talking about your blog and what you bring to the table as a blogger.


Here are the top 3 questions all bloggers asked one another:

  •      Who takes your pictures?!!
  •      A: “Boyfriend, husband, or friend.” Most don’t enjoy it but they love us, so they do it 🙂 haha!
  •      Do you approach companies to collaborate or do they approach you?
  •      A: Some say companies approach them, and they think it’s crucial to have your email on every social media in order for the companies to be able to reach out to you. And others say they approach the companies. There is no wrong way of doing this. Each blogger has their own approach.
  •      How do you get such a great following?
  •      A: Most bloggers said consistency on posts on all social medias. And making sure your voice is heard. Your blog should show your personality and who you are. It should differentiate you from others because you are unique. And have something different to offer.



Below are some goodies I got from my swag bag, which I’ll be reviewing in my blog soon! 🙂

Apple Seed Oil: You Apply to your skin for a collagen boost for the fine lines & wrinkles. Use daily on stretch marks and acne.

Product: Leven Rose @levenrosebeauty


Gaffer & Child Organic Face Scrub:

sooth away dead skin with high quality organic ingredients that won’t leave your skin feeling overly dry. Find them @gafferandchild


Splurge Lip Balm

“Melted Buttah”



Au Naturale

Creme Eye Shadow (Organic)


In conclusion, my first blogger event to go to was a huge success. And I’ve learned that we all go through very similar struggles and I’m not in it alone. I’ve also learned to take a step back and just enjoy the ride. Going to events, meeting new people, learning about myself by each post that I write and experience that I go through is part of the fun. And by doing so, I am hopefully helping others along the way to follow their dreams and fear ordinary. =)

Hope you guys have an amazing Sunday! Catch you next time! =*






“What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger”

Recently on my instagram page, I have been posting a lot of workout selfies and videos (sorry about the selfies haha! I deleted some to spare the aggravation- I hate when people post selfies all day like “calm down Queen B, you ain’t all that” haha). So I wanted to share a little bit about what I am doing since the gym has recently become my second home.

In January, after the holidays shenanigans, I was back at the gym hardcore- ready to be better than I was last year and hopefully start the journey to accomplishing my goals (will it happen this year? It damn better!). I knew, however, that one thing would get in the way, which was my surgery. My doctor had said I would be out for just one month. Well, one month turned into 3 months. I ended up having another unexpected surgery that really took a tow on me (as I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts).

Now, here I am ONCE AGAIN trying to get back into a gym routine that I love. This time, HOPEFULLY, no more surgeries that I don’t plan myself. And no,  I am not planning any ( in case you are wondering haha!).

My biggest goal right now is to tone and lose belly fat. And as we know, cardio is a pretty big factor on that (I know, the assh*le cardio is the key to our dream body, or part of our journey to get our dream body- as weights is the other half).

What I found has worked for me is taking classes. Classes are so fun, you are in a group setting, you get to meet people with the same passion/goals as you and time just flies.

Today I started taking “spin & strength” class again. I am going at 5:40 am, before work. And I will let you guys know how that goes. I really enjoyed being done with my workout, showered, have had breakfast and ready to go to work before 7am today. And then being able to go again after work because “Never skip leg day!” =) it felt GREAT! i swear I am not bullshitting here. LOL!

My goal is to go 3x a week, do cardio in the morning then workout at night. And the other 2x, keep going in the morning but for my regular workouts and take the night off to write on my blog, read or do something for myself.

I don’t really know why I never considered this before. Probably because I’m not a morning person but honestly, you are whoever you tell your mind to be. Tell yourself you will get up,  and you will get shit done. And trust me, you will do it and you will love it. Because you told yourself so.

I find it’s super important to have a plan. I highly suggest if you have a busy week like I do, to write down your workout plan for the week and the time you will be doing your workouts.

Summer is around the corner. But we got this ladies! 😉 Let’s get that body looking right, and most importantly, let’s feel great naked. Because that’s the goal =) Once you are completely satisfied, then you will love yourself in any outfit or bikini. And there’s really no better feeling. Find your motivation and let’s get it done!!

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”


(Me last year at my first Spartan Race)


How To Avoid Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

When I was younger, I used to get into the biggest fights/arguments with my then-boyfriend once a month. And guess around what time? haha! I laugh now but it was awful, I had zero control. I actually thought my thoughts and feelings made sense at the time, even though I wouldn’t normally think that way.

Today, it’s a different type of situation. I am at the age where the mood swings are at an all time high. And I sometimes start feeling them 2 weeks prior to getting my period. Which is the norm for a lot of women but damn, half a month of hormones going up & down like a roller coaster!? That sht cray and can drive any sane being insane. So how do we control it?

The difference today is I know how to deal with the mood swings. I have learned to control it and not let it control me, which is a plus. But if you are younger and trying to learn how to deal with it and/or older trying to control your emotions over that week period. I am here to help you get to where I am today. 

First, you need to understand your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. If you are normally happy/upbeat and all of a sudden, you are now sad and down for no clear reason (take a look at the date, and find out if your “friend” is coming to visit soon). If that’s the case, you now understand why your mood has changed drastically and you can now try to control it. Every month, when I start to not feel like myself- I check my calendar and I know why. It’s always right on, every time. Once you connect the dots, you start to feel differently. It’s psychological.

It’s by understanding the “why,” that you can change how you react to that emotion. When you start getting mad, you won’t start yelling at someone for no reason because you know it’s irrational. When you get sad, you won’t try to link it to something because you know you were happy just last week. You control your thoughts & emotions. You sleep on that thought and I promise you won’t wake up feeling the same way because it wasn’t yours to begin with.

Now let’s talk research. Because you don’t just want to hear my opinion and experience but also an expert’s opinion of a few things you can do PRIOR to your period to reduce the mood swings.

The below treatment options are from everydayhealth.com.

1) EXERCISE: Physical activity can lift moods and improve depression. It’s believed that endorphins — feel-good brain chemicals that are released during exercise — may help counteract some of the hormone changes that may trigger severe PMS. “Exercising can also boost energy and help with cramps and bloating, which may help you feel better,” says Livoti. Aerobic exercise such as walking, running, bicycling, or swimming is recommended.

2) SMALL FREQUENT MEALS: Eating small meals throughout the day rather than two or three big meals may also help ease PMS symptoms. A large meal, particularly one high in carbohydrates, can cause blood sugar swings, which could worsen PMS. “Low blood sugar may contribute to crying spells and irritability that are often seen in women with severe PMS,” says Livoti. Try to eat six small meals a day to keep your blood sugar levels steady.

3) CALCIUM SUPPLEMENTS: In a 2009 double-blind clinical trial of college women with PMS, those who supplemented their diet with 500 milligrams of calcium twice daily had significantly less depression and fatigue than those who didn’t. In fact, “a number of studies have shown that getting plenty of calcium can help ease mood changes related to severe PMS, although we don’t know exactly why,” says Livoti.

4) AVOID CAFFEINE, ALCOHOL, AND SWEETS: Staying away from coffee and other caffeinated drinks for two weeks before your period may make a difference in your mood because caffeine can increase anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. Cutting down on alcohol may also be helpful because alcohol acts as a depressant. And steering clear of candy, soda, and other sugary foods, especially in the week before your period, may help ease severe PMS symptoms by preventing mood swings associated with blood sugar fluctuations.

5) STRESS MANAGEMENT: Stress can make severe PMS symptoms worse, so finding ways to give stress the slip can help treat PMS. Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. Individual or group therapy has also been found to be an effective PMS treatment for women with severe mood swings and debilitating emotional changes.


I don’t know about you but the hardest one for me to do is avoid caffeine and sweets before my period. I hate chocolate, except right before my period. And I need my daily caffeine intake everyday to get through a long day at work. But it is super helpful and definitely worth doing. I also feel like most of us never considered the small frequent meals but it can also make a HUGE difference and reduce bloating which is awesome.

The reason I attached those 5 treatment options is because we don’t only have to treat pre-menstrual syndrone mentally like I mentioned in the beginning but also physically. The secret is to be entirely aware and be ready to conquer the beast that’s trying to conquer us 😉 And to know you are ALWAYS in full control. Defeat is never an option.


That’s all for now ladies! Feel free to email me any subjects you’d like for me to discuss and share tips on!