Ombre Hair: Black To Ombre

How hard is it to find a hairdresser that just GETS YOU? Like REALLLY really gets you!?

     I’ve had the same hairdresser for a long time and she rocks at dyeing hair and blow drying (brazilian style- it’s hard to explain but brazilian hair is only blow dried right by a brazilian hairdresser, there’s a specific way to do it. If you’re brazilian, you know what I mean.. haha).

Anyway, in the past year I went from brown to completely blonde to black. And now to ombre (Ombre is so trendy and looks so stylish, Sombre and Balayage are also trending & give you a great edgy look). You are probably having a hard time knowing the difference between them, I know I had no idea what the differences were for a while- Here’s a link to tell you the exact difference between them.

And some hollywood stars rocking these looks to the core, because why not?


They all look great, right?! The problem with Ombre/Sombre/Balayage, however, is they are not every hairdresser’s forte (to say the least), so it’s CRUCIAL that you do your research.

Take my hairdresser for an example that just didn’t get it. I also tried a completely new hairdresser based on a referral, and guess what happened? -She fried my hair in 15 minutes. It was bad, and needless to say- I was traumatized.


Three years later, I took a leap of faith on this random hairdresser, in a somewhat sketchy location. And he nailed it! So if you’re ever in Boston & you had the same experience as I did with ombre. Go see Carlos at Carlos Hair Designs in Somerville, MA. He’s the salon owner, he has great hair, a great sense of humor, he will freak you out with the way he does hair but it will turn out amazing. Very talented guy. =)




Anyone of you dolls have had a good experience in the Boston area with Ombre and would like to share? Please comment below! 😉

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Sports Bras Post Breast Augmentation

Let’s talk sports bras! Not the ones you purchase to match your workout pants at the gym but the ones you want to feel comfortable in post breast augmentation. Shall we? 

I, myself, struggled greatly this past week to find a sports bra that provided me the support I needed and continue to need, as well as the comfort I need to move around and not feel like my boobs are getting squeezed like when you get a mammogram lol! Tad dramatic? Maybe. I haven’t gotten a mammogram done, but have only heard horror stories. If you have, feel free to leave a comment and let us know! haha

By the way, if you are worried about getting a mammogram done post breast augmentation, please don’t. It does not cause any complications. However, it is a bit harder to get the shots they need, so they may squeeze those babies slightly more than usual (this is why women should be super heroes. We carry a human being for 9 months inside our bodies, we go through our periords once a month aka a week of our usual crazy hormones x a trillion- making us feel all sorts of ways. We wax in areas men would never dare to or get laser removal done in areas men would never dare to. Plus, we get our boobs squeezed to death every now & then. What is up with all the pain & suffering that we do?). I hope you give yourself a pat in the back for being a superstar, it’s not easy being you. But back to sports bras..

There are two types of sports bras you can buy post breast augmentation, whichever you DO buy, make sure they are wire free, and non padded. Secondly, make sure they have enough support (if it feels like you’re not wearing anything, it’s probably not a good fit for you). Lastly, make sure it’s something you can easily put on!

Post breast augmentation, it will be very hard for you to raise your arms and change– so make your life easier and don’t make the same mistakes that I did. Also, keep in mind your size might change. You may fit into a large today and a medium tomorrow. So please don’t buy anything expensive, it’s not necessary & don’t forget you just dropped a good chunk of money for those babies.


Sports Bra # 1

Zipper front (easier to put on)

Non-padded (a must!)

Wire free (another must)

Observation: At first, I felt there was no support with this bra due to wearing a very different one prior that was squeezing my boobs too much. But once I took the sports bra off for a little and had zero support, I could tell a huge difference. This sports bra (in my opinion) is perfect post surgery. It feels so light and it’s so comfortable & easy to put on. I also compared this to the ones doctors normally give you and they are pretty much the same (only slightly better looking, less “grandma-ish” haha).

By the way, I am writing this post because my doctor never gave me a sports bra to take home. Yours may or may not.


Sports Bra # 2

Full support

No-Bounce (you may be thinking, “well- it’s hard as a rock right now anyway.” But any movement, it hurts a bit or a lot. This no-bounce will help tremendously)

Observation: It does not say whether it comes with padding or not, so my advice to you is if it does come with padding, just take it off. Keep in mind, you are not looking for cute bras, you are looking for a sports bra that will help make your recovery easier. The reason why I prefer Bra #1 is due to the zipper front. The bra #2, you can switch to later on when you are moving a little easier and can raise your arms without feeling pain. You don’t want to force any movements because it will only prolong your recovery time.


I also wanted to show you guys the difference in support between the zipper front (picture on the left) and the regular sports bra on the right. At first, I had no idea and started off with the one on the right. The one on the right has too much support, to the point to where your boobs almost have no room to “fall into place.” Please make sure when you purchase your sports bras you consult with the nurse that is helping you to see what the best fit may be for you, as your surgery may go differently and your size may also be different, not to mention the type of implants. Again, this post is based upon my personal experience and opinion. I hope this was helpful to you! Feel free to leave comments with any questions or advice. =)

xox-Until Next Time



Boob Job Recovery Time & More

A lot of us have at least once thought about getting breast augmentation, unless we were born blessed with the perfect breasts. haha Which let’s face it, a lot of us weren’t.

This is most likely the reason breast augmentation surgery is the most popular/common surgery done year after year. And why Victoria’s Secret is so big in this industry with all the push-up bras.

Before I start, this whole post is based upon my personal experience. If you think breast augmentation is right for you and you have any questions, I would consult with a professional to make sure you make the right decision for yourself. =)



OK! *deep breath* This is a hard article for me to write. I have told my closest friends about my breast augmentation surgery but not everyone. People are very quick to judge. They just need a reason to do it and any reason will do, and yes, even those you think are your “friends” (if not, specially those you think are your friends will sometimes disappoint you). But I think this is a subject that can help answer many of your questions and I decided that others opinions of me is none of my business. And my blog is to help empower women to follow their dreams, and do what they love. Not writing this would be against what I believe in.

My Story:

     I never had really small boobs, but I have always wanted bigger (I was a B cup prior to surgery). I always thought, “When I get married and have kids, I’ll have it done because I’ll most likely need to anyway.” And then, I’d change my mind and think, “What the heck!? You are only young once. Why not have them now at your prime!? After kids, I’m pretty sure purchasing a bikini and going to the beach won’t be up there on my top things to do.”

Of course, these thoughts were back and forth in my head for years (probably for over 6 years or so). And with those years came a lot of negative feedback from friends, boyfriends, family, and so on. It’s hard when you’re young and you don’t yet have your own voice because you will always lean on others opinions of what your life should be like and what the right thing for you is. I still struggle from time to time. But I’ve learned to do what makes me happy and not give a f*k of what others may or may not think. Not to say, don’t think about it HARD because this is a decision that will change you forever, hence the six plus years it took me to finally see it was the right decision for me.


Things to consider & Questions to ask yourself prior to getting surgery done:

  • Am I doing this for ME? (Very important that you answer this question honestly)
  • How will this change my life style today/tomorrow? (activities you like to do, appearance, work)
  • Do you care of others feedback? (You will get positive & negative feedbacks no matter what you do. Accept it)
  • Research size based on your weight, height and current cup. We can both get the same size implants and end up with a complete different result based on our past measurements.
  • Are you willing to spend a good chunk of money on this? (This is a serious procedure, look for a surgeon that has been in this specific field for 10 plus years and that is local- You get what you pay for when it comes to surgeries).
  • Traveling to get surgery done? I would reconsider, unless you are staying where you’re traveling to for a while. Reason being- you should not be carrying your luggage around or doing any sort of activity shortly after your surgery. Instead, you should be at home, resting with someone that can hopefully be there for you at your recovery time to help you change, get up, go to the restroom, shower and cook for you. The less you use your arms, the better. Also, if you have any complications and you are now back “home,” you would have to travel back to see that surgeon because no other surgeons will be able to assist if they didn’t do the surgery themselves.

How long until I can get back to work?

     This question is unique to each individual and depending on how your specific surgery went or will go.

My surgeon said one week, I can be back to work with no problem. This does not mean you can go back to the gym and back to doing what you normally do in general, that again can vary on each individual, but you are looking at at least one month (at a minimum).

How long until I can go bra/bikini shopping?

     I know, I am dying to go shopping for my new babies, did I say they look fantastic? I will show it to you guys once it’s no longer swollen. Yes, it stays swollen for quite a bit- it takes time for your body to accept this new beautiful addition to your body haha I will most likely have to wear a sports bra for another 2-3 weeks. I would say a month or so. But again, this depends on your surgeon, your surgery and how everything went. I also have a big trip coming up in March, so I want to have my sexy lingerie ready to go. Otherwise, I’d probably give it more time.

Saline vs. Silicone

     Again, something that will be different for EVERYONE based on what your wants & needs are. I went with silicone because my breasts were the same size and I wanted a more natural look. I want them to feel and look natural.

A lot of girls have one boob larger or smaller than the other, with saline because it’s filled with water and salt, they can make them look the same by injecting slightly more on one side than the other. Again, this is a complex procedure and must be discussed with your doctor. But I figured I’d give you an idea of the biggest difference for me, as my main concern was to have a “natural” look.


Do what makes you happy!

Save up that money and make sure you do your research

Recovery time may vary (the first 3 days are the hardest)

If you want it, it’s worth every penny

Live your life your way!

Feel beautiful in your own skin but don’t be afraid to go work out at the gym to enhance your curves or get bigger boobs because you find them more fitting for your body

Don’t forget to consult a Doctor, this post was based on my experience thus far and personal opinions.

Comment below with any questions or additional tips to help others;)

xoxo- Until next time<3





Don’t Make These Six FATAL Mistakes

Hey loves! The journey to a healthier lifestyle is not an easy one to follow and I, myself, have shared how much I have and still struggle from time to time with staying on track. But I don’t want you to make the same “basic” mistakes that I did. So here’s a list of what to do when starting your fitness journey from scratch:


1- When someone asks you at the gym, “what day is today?!”.. Please don’t reply, “Tuesday!”

Everyday you should have a plan for what workout you will be focusing on. Ex: Leg day, Arm day, Back/Chest day, etc.. You can’t just go to the gym and do whatever comes to mind. You will never see results that way! 

Also, it’s “totally” ok to go to the gym and do cardio everyday (elliptical, treadmill) but that will only help you either lose weight or maintain your weight. If you want to tone up that butt, have sick legs and some nice definition- you must lift. There are no shortcuts to this road.


2- Write down your workouts!

If it’s leg day- write down the workouts you’ll be working on and how many sets/reps you did. This will help you keep track of your progress and allow you to reach your goals faster by doing the appropriate weights and not repeating the same ones, which will allow your muscles to grow.


3- Find an idol

You need someone to look up to to keep you motivated. Find him or her, follow their youtube channel, ig accounts, research their workouts, learn them. And stay motivated/driven to get there one day! If you MUST, have their picture in your phone wallpaper! 😉 Whatever it takes!! I have a few: Katy Hearn is my favorite, her body is just ridiculous- I’d die to look like that one day. (ig: Katyhearnfit)



Diet does not mean eat a salad every day or stop eating (this will give you the opposite results you are looking for). Or only eat foods I don’t like (which will only lead to zero consistency and no results).

Diet means- find out how many calories you need to have everyday, how many you need to burn & find a meal plan that you will enjoy & fit your lifestyle. Diet should not be something we stop doing after a “30 day challenge,”  It’s something you will always do. If you eat right for a while and then stop eating right, what do you think is going to happen?


5-  Keep alcohol intake to a minimum

The less, the better. A lot of the fitness models quit drinking, period. Alcohol just destroys your muscles, all your hard work at the gym is destroyed by drinking. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should quit or never drink- but the less alcohol intake you have, the better your results will be. You be the judge!

I cut my alcohol intake by quite a bit last year and lost a lot of weight. I still drink on weekends, but this year- I’m looking on minimizing my alcohol intake even more. I’ve learned that I enjoy my friends and family a lot more without it. A glass of wine here and there is fine but anything additional is just not necessary. It’s honestly all in your state of mind. It’s important to be around people you enjoy and feel comfortable with- those people you won’t feel the need to drink so that you can loosen up a bit. Surround yourselves with people you can be yourselves around. And watch what happens.


6- Drink Water

If your pee is yellow- you are still dehydrated. Go back and drink some more water! Water helps get rid of unwanted fat by washing away the things our body does not need, not to mention water will keep your skin looking great & less tired. And who doesn’t want that?! I wrote a post about dehydration in my blog that you can take a quick peek at. But basically, I struggled for quite a while with that. I just recently found a flavored water that I enjoy- it’s called “Propel,” in case you hate plain water like I do- I highly suggest you give it a try. =)


I don’t want to overwhelm you too much. So for now, I’ll leave you with these 6 tips for a great start to a healthier you! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by!





My New Year’s Resolution & Why You Should Make One Too

Hey loves! I hope everyone had an amazing start to the year. I couldn’t have asked for a better one =)

A lot of us see a New Year as a great way to start over and set new goals. But remember, every day of the year you can do that. Don’t let the “title” of a new year fool you or stress you. Nevertheless, why not start from day one.

So you’ve been thinking about starting a New Years Resolution List but don’t know quite how to get started. Let me first say, congratulations! Not a lot of people take the time to write their goals down on paper or even think about what their goals are. If you want to have a successful year, you will have to brainstorm a little.

I think it’s extremely important for us to stay grounded and not stress ourselves out with too many goals and expectations (it’s so easy to do so once you start writing). Think back to last year, did you have a list of goals you wanted to accomplish? How many did you accomplish? And how many didn’t you? Did you write those goals down?

Writing your goals down is crucial to helping you achieve them. Tip: Make sure you have your list up somewhere that you can see everyday (I have mine on the fridge door). The reason why I asked all the questions above is to hopefully help you figure out what did and didn’t go well for you last year.

Here’s my list from 2015 as an example:

  • Take my branch to the #1 spot of the District (we came second 2/4 quarters)
  • Get promoted by Sept (didn’t happen)
  • Live in the present (It was hard and I caught myself living in the past a few times but I think I did a good job here)
  • Finish classes by end of summer (didn’t happen)
  • Buy my own place by end of year (I’m not sure that is the route I want to take anymore)
  • Try a new sport (I ran the Spartan Race TWICE)
  • Give more (could have done more)
  • Reach my fitness goal (I didn’t but it was a focus for me all year- so I will say this did its job)
  • Eat clean, less crap (although I still had my cheat days, I did better than most years)
  • Go to church frequently (worst year at attending mass)
  • Read more books (I read more books than the year before but not nearly enough)
  • Save more (eh)
  • Enjoy every moment as if it was your last (I try everyday)

So, as you can see- my list is way too long. I would say 4/13 things were accomplished and now I feel shitty about it. Therefore, this year I narrowed it down to a less stressful, more doable and to the point list of 5 main things I want to work or focus on, this time with much more detail. Here it is:

  • Go to the gym 3+ x a week while eating clean (good diet)
  • Before finishing classes-figure out where you really see yourself so you don’t waste money
  • Read 2 books a month (I know, my life is hectic though- 2 books will be a challenge)
  • Save (“x” amount) out of my paycheck every paycheck
  • Do not give a fck. Giving a fck causes stress, my goal is to have the least amount of stress possible

Although, my list of 2015 was not detailed enough and too long- I can’t stress enough of how important it is to have one. It keeps you focused and motivated to work towards your goals. And with our hectic lives, it’s always nice to have a reminder here and there.


I hope this was helpful to you all!

I wish you a successful year and hope you reach all your goals this year!

See you next time! 😉 xox- T