The Perfect Holiday Party Outfits To Start Off Your Year


Hey beauties! Here are the links to find a similar look or if I may add, an even better look. And please tell me the dress website I found is not the greatest website you have EVER come across?!(refering to the “silver dress” link). I am in heaven. Plus, the prices are to die for. Check below;) And please leave a comment if you like any of them =)

Silver Dress|Black Pumps|Clutch|Earrings|Nail Polish|


First Look:

Gold Dress or Refer to above dress link|Tights|Booties|Clutch|

Second Look:

Black Dress with feathers|Came across this much more beautiful nude shoes|

Third Look:

Gorgeous Gold or Silver Gown|Gold/Silver Clutch|Heels|

That’s all for now loves! I hope you find THE perfect outfit to start off your year on the right note.

This New Years I will be celebrating at a friend’s house with my love. But every New Year before these last two years, I would always end up celebrating New Years somewhere random- such as NYC (very last minute) to watch the ball drop. Or Montreal (again, very last minute) at a nightclub. I’ve always loved last minute adventures:) But it’s also nice to stay local with friends. Any-who, wherever you end up this year– please do me a favor and have the time of your life;) And of course, be safe! xoxo- Tali


Look Glamorous for Christmas with Taylor Swift’s Inspired Looks

Hey babes! Who doesn’t love T-Swift and her incredible sense of style?! So what better way to get inspired for your perfect holiday outfit than with the one & only;)



The long dark red dress with very light make-up is perfect for a fancy party, or a ball and sure to wow those around you.

The short red dress to the right of it is simple but chic, and looks perfect with your hair up and a red lipstick (I suggest any red by MAC).

The last dress to the right is extremely flattering for most body types and perfect if you are looking to go for a flirty look this holiday season.

153690 Prioli-Bob/Starface 2012-10-01 Palais Royal Paris France Taylor Swift tourne son clip Begin Again.

Now, who says you need to wear a dress this holiday season? Want to pull off a casual look? Having dinner with family and want to look and feel comfortable? This is the perfect casual/chic look you are looking for. And it’s best presented with your hair up in a ponytail and red lipstick for a bold look, the yellow flats are a must.


Another to die for look this holiday season is the gold look. This breathtaking gold dress with your hair pulled back will be sure to make your guests/friends/family fall in love.


And lastly, check out this cute/charming look. Best pulled off with nude heels and a purse to match, the hair band is a nice touch, as well. =)

I don’t know about you ladies but I am super inspired and ready to wear my most stylish outfit this Christmas! Stay tuned for more inspiring looks coming soon! Thanks for stopping by.

xoxo- Tali

Casual Sunday In The Park

Sundays are for coffee & a nice walk in the park with your most comfortable, yet stylish outfit.

My favorite part about today was feeding the squirrels, they were so cute! I also didn’t mind sharing today with my love. Below, I’ll have details on how you can get a similar look! Hope you like it! =)













Jeans (similar style- same brand)

Flats (no longer available but here are some alternatives)

Hope you enjoyed this look and had a great Sunday! xoxo- See you soon! -Tali

Holiday Drinks & Desserts To Wow Your Guests

Hey loves! It’s that time of the year again- Ugly sweaters, lots of yummy holiday drinks and time with family and friends!

I don’t know about you but I love to throw a good Christmas party, everything from decorating, to cooking/baking, and planning is just so much fun! But can also be super overwhelming. Soooo, I wanted to make YOUR lives easier with some fun/yummy recipes that was a HIT at my party yesterday. Are you ready?!

We’ll start with an EASY recipe for this brazilian drink that everyone absolutely ADORED & commented on tasting NOTHING like it before. Note: You will like this drink if you like sweet drinks.

IMG_0138[1] (2)


A bottle of red wine (sweet or dry- your preference)

Half or a can of condensed milk

Strawberries (as many as you’d like)


Everything goes in the blender

Add some ice so it’s not too thick

And it’s ready to serve!  

IMG_0136[1] (2)

I’ll also leave you guys with this awesome orange cake with coconut cream. This cake is served cold and is sure to make your guests fall in love and ask for more!


To make the cake you will need:

3 eggs

3 tea cups of flour

2 glasses of orange juice (not the ones you buy at the supermarket, buy oranges, squeeze them in a cup and add water)

1 tablespoon of baking powder


Half a liter of milk

1 can of coconut milk

1 bag of shredded coconuts

1 can of condensed milk

How to prepare:

First, mix part 1 until it’s ready to go to the oven (225 degrees)

Then mix part two, wait until cake is ready, take cake out of the oven, make holes with a fork on entire cake and pour the cream all over the cake- make sure cake is not hot out of the oven before pouring the cream- give it a few minutes to cool down.

After pouring the cake with cream, cut the cake and individually place them in foils, fold them and put them in the fridge (suggested overnight).

Next day, your cake will be ready to serve and taste like heaven. =)

IMG_0139[1] (2)

I hope you ladies enjoyed my two favorite recipes from last night. Let me know how you make out! And enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones! I’ll be posting soon on Ugly sweater outfit ideas and more! Stay tuned;) xoxo – Tali

Elf Studio: Lip Primer & Plumper plus Volume Plumping Mascara

Hey lovelies!!

Today I am reviewing Elf studio’s lip primer & plumper, plus their volume plumping mascara, as promised!

I bought both products for less than $10.00 and tried it out for a week. Here are my thoughts & experience with them, along with some suggestions.. Click on the links if interested on checking them out for yourself! =)


The “volume plumping mascara” is absolutely terrible, not worth your money at all. The mascara did not give me ANY volume NOR length. However, here’s a mascara I use and absolutely ADORE. It gives me the volume & length that most girls look for, it’s called Telescopic by L’oreal, it is $ 7.19 and worth every penny. This mascara was introduced to me by my dentist’s assistant that I couldn’t help but stop starring at her lashes, haha!




As far as having plumped lips and a long lasting wear- I HIGHLY recommend Elf studio’s lip primer & plumper! Ladies, I kid you not, my lips were 3x fuller and my lipstick lasted all day with no smudges! I never knew this was possible!

I never used a lip primer before but now I can’t live without it. The plumper will you give you a weird tingly feeling at first but it goes away almost immediately and it is completely normal. This 2 in 1 product is only $6.09 at the link above and will be a great yankee swap gift or secret santa gift for your girlfriends. 😉 Let me know how you like it! I love to hear your thoughts/ideas and experiences! =)




xoxo- Tali