Balance: Business & Pleasure

May 24, 2017

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Let’s talk life balance today. Because business and pleasure, please!


I’ve had a job since I was legally able to work in the U.S (age: 16 years old)

After graduating High School, I needed more than a PT job to pay the bills though

So “adulting” began in the summer of ’06

I found a full-time job and turned it into a career of now twelve years

And throughout those twelve years, I’ve learned a thing or two on work/life balance


Don’t let those twelve years fool you though!

Although, I’ve been managing the work/life balance since ’06. It wasn’t that long ago since I finally mastered it.

That’s right. It’s truly taking me quite a bit of time to figure the solution we all seek

So let me start you guys off by the root of the problem or at least the root of MY problems

And hopefully you can relate and start making some changes to improve your lifestyle


These were the things that kept me from achieving a work/life balance I so desired:


  1. I NEVER said “no.”

I’d come home from work, exhausted AF and I’d get a text from a friend asking to grab dinner/drinks that night and I’d say yes! I’d say yes without thinking twice about it.

If you want to have balance, you must learn when to say NO.

Learn HOW & WHEN to say no, so you can focus on you and other tasks that are important to you. Be selfish, sometimes. It is OK!!!

This was such a huge lifestyle change for me and made me feel so much lighter.

It truly gave me back time I never thought I had. And allowed me to focus more on my goals & what needed to get done.

2. Communicate!

Learn to speak up about your challenges with the people you care about.

My boyfriend and I understand our schedules and what’s important to us.

We both workout 4-5 times a week, we work 9-5 jobs.

Therefore, we mostly see each other on weekends. And maybe once a week.

We get it and we understand it.

Supporting each others’ hobbies is what has made our relationship strong.

Same goes with my friendships. We all have different schedules but we still maintain a tight friendship.

We don’t see each other every weekend but we are there for one another.

Communicate the “why” and those who matter, will understand.

But make it a point to see your friends, too.

My friends and I see each other at least once or twice a month. Don’t disappear.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Plan your month out

Planning your month out will leave you with much less anxiety about not being there for your friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriend.

Let them know you need a month’s notice with your schedule to make sure you can be there for them.

This gives you time to plan around those events, and also give yourself some “me” time.

Not to mention, it takes away all that stress from “not knowing” and not planning.


And finally, don’t overwhelm yourself or be too hard on yourself because you are busy trying to build the life of your dreams!

There is nothing wrong with that!

Finding the right balance that fits YOUR life can take time.

But if you learn to say no, communicate and plan ahead. You will be just fine. 🙂


Hope these tips are helpful to your new lifestyle change!

Time is priceless, don’t abuse it and give it your utmost attention.



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