New chapter: How to find your true passion

August 27, 2016

Staying motivated is easier said than done

A lot of us always hear the secret to success is to “stay motivated, not give up, and keep positive”

But we are human beings

And it’s important to remind ourselves of that.

 Feelings come in all shapes and sizes.. and we are allowed to feel them all.


We are allowed.


However, challenges and obstacles attract a lot of negative feelings

And those feelings sometimes will get in the way of us staying positive, motivated  and driven.


Because today was the day my team took me out to celebrate my new role/chapter of my career

I wanted to share with you guys what has kept me in “check”

What has kept me motivated

Why I didn’t give up & remained positive.




What is more important than a SOLID support system?


A good support system will keep you grounded

In times you want to give up, it’s important to have someone to vent to

We all need that. And it’s okay to ask for help.




It’s important in difficult times to remind ourselves why we still need to continue fighting

Maybe it’s because you have bills that need to be paid

Maybe it’s because you are so close to reaching your goals

KNOW your reason for doing what you are doing

And remind yourself EVERYDAY.

What’s your “why?”

knowledge is power




What’s helped me stay motivated is reading

I have read some INCREDIBLE books throughout my career

When I felt that I could do better, I asked and researched many books to keep my passion alive

My favorite book so far on how to be a great manager is called “Monday Morning Mentoring

This book changed my life


Before I came across it, I was in a place of very little faith in my career

I had met only people who wanted to step on me

People that wanted my position and tried with all their power to make me quit

It was very HARD to remind myself of “the why” everyday..

But once I read this book, I found my reasons again.

And today, after hearing all the positive feedback from my team..

I can say I’m closing this career path of management with zero regrets

I have learned so much about who I am through managing others

I learned to fight for what I believe in

I’ve learned to encourage others to be the best version of themselves everyday

And I truly couldn’t be happier

It gives me great pleasure knowing  I was able to make a difference in someone’s life.


Lastly, I want to end this post with the above quote.

It’s when you put other people’s needs aside

And focus on yourself -that you find your true passion.

Focus less on what others want

And more on what makes YOU happy.

Get away from the noise every now & then..

Find a quiet place

And be alone with your thoughts.

That’s when you will hear the voice within.



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